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Friday July 18th "Getting ready to leave for August"

The U.S. is calling again so I will be off one week from today more or less. We will travel to Málaga by train for a day at the beach and then catch a flight to London and then on to NC. Our list of things to take care of is ever growing, considering we will be in the U.S. for 5 weeks. Paying rent ahead of time, taking care of all our bills, cleaning the fridge, getting someone to take care of our plants and of course packing are just a few things we have to do. Someone will have to pick up my season ticket for Betis as well - very important.

The exodus to somewhere in August, whether it is the beach or another country is like a religion in Spain and a lot of countries in Europe. While it's great to think of a month of vacation the preparation is something I hate - what if you forget this or that or an unexpected bill comes in the mail (pay it late!). Coming back will be great of course - the new season for Betis, the fact we will be getting Canal Satelite Digital (American football games, plus more than 10 channels to choose from!), and hopefully cooler temperatures will all be welcome. Being able to concentrate on this site without so much in the near future to distract me will also be nice.

So please excuse the lack of updates over the next month. I will be adding some entries to the site here and there from the U.S., and working on a lot of content when I'm there. 5 weeks is great but I will get bored. And if you're in the States maybe I'll see you there!