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Saturday, October 4th "'Twas a week from hell; Next up: Athletic Bilbao"

Well, it wasn't that bad really, but it was a long week and I'm sitting here on Saturday morning so glad it was over. My activities and goings on of this week tried my patience in many ways. When you say something like that you know Telefonica must be involved. Although we set up our bill to be drafted from our bank account in July they seemed to have lost that information. And seeing as we didn't get a bill mailed to us for August we thought it was working just fine. Then came the September bill and we were informed we were overdue for August. We called and they blamed the mail service for us not receiving August's bill - the opposite of the old customer favorite: "the check's in the mail" excuse. They cut our phone line for outgoing calls and voicemail after we paid the bill and we just got our service back today.

Other activities this week included waiting at the bank to pay Telefonica, then to pay rent, then to pay Endesa (electricity). Installation of Digital Plus, two trips to El Corte Inglés to try and get the correct connectors from the cable terminal to my computer (neither of which worked), a trip to a store for a cable so we could actually watch our newly installed system, the supermarket for food, two meetings for work, finish 2002 taxes via several emails with an accountant (yes, I was behind), questions and answers via more emails to sign papers and form a new company, a trip to correos and 30 minutes wait to mail three packages, review of my profit sharing account so my old job can mail me money, a 45 minute crowded (and hotter than hell) bus ride during the rain which should have been 10 minutes, four hours fixing a nagging problem on a website for work as well as a few other items. Today I have only the Betis game and tomorrow cerveza at noon with some friends. Things are looking better...

Betis play Athletic Bilbao today and we're looking for our fist win at home (game time 9:30pm). Sevilla takes on Real Sociedad, angry after a loss to Bilbao last week. I'd like to personally wish the worst of luck to the Sevillistas! The nice thing about a Saturday for the Betis game is having my Sunday more or less free. With Canal+ I can take in the Sunday night game or a football game from the states.