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Thursday, October 2nd "Rain!; Ok, I have cable, but..."

October came in as it should, with 2 days of rain. Actually, it's been raining since the 30th of September and I hope it continues for another few days. While it's a nice change rain in the city can also be a pain. Everything is wet, including me right now. If you're walking around a good 3€ umbrella purchased at the veinte duros store will work, at least until the wind comes. I plan on buying 3-4 of these during the course of fall and winter as they inevitably break. I just can't convince myself to buy a nicer one because the minute I do I'll lose it.

We did get our cable situation sorted out and my 150 channels are looking good when there's no rain fade. I keep saying cable but I guess it's satellite. I noticed two Euro connectors with video/audio out functions on them - one to the VCR which we are using and one to the TV which we are not. Since I have video in capabilities with my ATI card I figured I would connect it to my computer. After buying two different adaptors with money I shouldn't have spent I still can't get it to work. My card is PAL compatible when you use S-video or composite video. What does all the tech talk mean here: I can't get it to work. Well, I'll just have to watch it on one screen for now.