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Sunday, October 12th "Nervión; Rain again; Panthers; Coming soon"

We headed to Nervión on Friday night for dinner and beers. First we hit el Rincón de la Buhaira, a great place to eat, although a little pijo. We polished off a plate of grilled tuna loin with salmorejo y jamón, and then ordered a plate of revuelto de huevos con chorizo (eggs with chorizo). At the waiter's urging we finished with tocino del cielo (similar to flan) and a glass of Pedro Ximénez, a sweet wine. Feeling awfully full we made our way down the street to Bar Jota, where they serve some of the coldest beer around. There are plenty of these places in Sevilla, cervecerias which serve nothing more than beer at cheap prices as well as potato chips and other snacks, but no tapas or real food. The place is a hole in the wall, so people spill into the street as they plan for their next stop. These are great places to begin your night, or for a beer after work. El Tremendo, just down the street from our place in Santa Catalina, is another bar famous for the coldest, cheapest beer. They just do one thing, and do it well. After a beer or two we headed back to rest up for the three day weekend.

We spent much of today (Sunday) walking around in the rain before we headed back to our apartment with plans to stay inside for the rest of the day. After a walk by the Cathedral with frequent stops during the downpours we ended up in a bar for montaditos de chorizo picante and a few beers. Most everything is closed Sunday so we spent a little time window shopping and then made it back to the apartment. I was hoping to catch the Panthers game today, seeing as they are undefeated and playing against Colts who are also without a loss. Canal+ has instead decided to shows games such as Pittsburgh-Denver and repeats of last week's San Francisco-Detroit games. What I've realized is it matters not whether the team is doing good, they just show the teams with some past (and in some cases, really past) history of winning. Doesn't even matter what their record is this year. Which explains why they run a Washington Wizards game almost every day. Who cares if the team is mediocre, Jordan was 40+ years old, washed up and not worth seeing anymore - it's Michael Jordan! We'll show him play on rebroadcasts everyday.

I've taken a break from publishing new stuff on the site this last week as I regrouped, organized and worked on content offline. Soon there will be more to my sections on mobile phones, dining out and la marcha (nightlife). As well I am a few days away from launching a very large food and cooking dictionary, both English to Spanish and Spanish to English. Speaking of food, Kentucky Fried Chicken has now opened...