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Friday, October 17th "Sick; The Derby: let's get ready to rumble; WOMEX and World Flamenco Fair "

I've been out ill catching a little of something that's been going around in Sevilla. It's that time of year with the temperatures chnaging and rain. So I've been doing off-line work for the past few days and should post some new stuff soon.

The derby is upon us and it's the talk of the town. This is the Sevilla-Betis match, the two first division soccer (fútbol) teams in the city, and it's a nasty rivalry. Depending on where you live or what you like, think Duke-UNC, Michigan-Ohio State, Yankees-Red Sox, Raiders-Chiefs, Pittsburgh-Cleveland, Oklahoma-Texas. These two teams are from the same city, so it's hard to escape the cruel jokes should your team lose. Sunday night at 9:30 the teams square off and sometime around 11:30 or midnight you're sure to hear horns and celebrating. It's the first of the two annual matches the teams play, provided they're in the same division each year...¡Viva er Betis! Sorry, I can't be neutral and so now you know I'm a betico.

WOMEX, or the World Music Expo is coming to Sevilla this week. I have heard from a number of people from around the world who will be filling up the streets, hotels and bars this week. I am sure they will have fun, especially as it will be held in conjunction with the 3rd annual World Flamenco Fair. While there is a lot of trade show and business stuff going on for both events at the World Flamenco Fair you can also catch performaces daily from October 23rd to 26th. Tickets to the World Flamenco Fair for the public are 8€.