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Thursday, October 13th "Another late night debate and my two cents"

I am sitting here at 2am updating the site and counting down the minutes to the final presidential debate which is carried on CNN International as well as Fox News (blech). I've made it through the first two by working up until the start and then relaxing on the couch as I get ready to yell a few obscenities at the TV.. Pardon my foolishness but I liken this to the countdown of the Super bowl, anxiously awaiting 90 minutes of what is often a painful show to watch. While I try to keep my points of view on this page related to Seville and my experiences living in the city I just have to speak out at times and profess my deep hatred for George W. Bush and the axis of evil I think he stands for. I am ashamed of our president and only pray that we elect Kerry or else the world will really think we've gone mad. Living abroad I feel I've been given a 4 year "break" from the people of Spain. After all, everyone outside the U.S. knows the election was stolen, fair and square... Asking folks outside the U.S. to grasp the electoral college concept and put aside the winner of a popular vote is a tough sell. So I've never tried to sell it and instead have been living on borrowed time. Should we elect Bush again it will confirm a lot of opinions about our country in the minds of Spaniards, Europeans, and just about everyone else. I've had so little negative reaction from people for being American, certainly much less negative reaction than I have received from being a "liberal" in the U.S.

I am an avid reader of what many Republicans would try and classify recently as "conspiracy web sites". I read 20-30 articles per night which I happily admit lean in my preferred direction. The difference between my liberal, left-leaning "conspiracy sites" versus the other side (see Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Bill "O'Lielly" and anything to do with Ann Coulter or Sean Hannity - thanks Al Franken!) is that my favorites actually base opinions and articles on such hard to grasp concepts as facts, science and proven theories rather than emotional, simplistic morality filled sound bites. Look, I don't hate all Republicans. Just the ones that vote for Bush.

There, I feel so much better although I could likely continue writing (for another 4 to 5 hours) about the things in the political world which bother me. I'm sure many of you have seen or visited them but here are my favorite sites. Instead I will direct you to people who spend the majority of their time writing what I so often feel:
Al Franken Show