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Sunday, October 19th "Two games, two victories needed and I'm up at 6am!"

Today's a great day. Panthers-Titans at 7pm, Sevilla-Betis at 9:30. I know, I know, maybe I need a little help. While I'll have to tape the end of the Panthers game I think I can live with it. I guess 5-0 is the magic number, as that's what it took to get the Panthers on TV today. Sevilla-Betis, much like a Duke-UNC basketball game, is likely the reason I'm up at 6am. Just can't sleep with the anticipation. Have an urge to take a walk and see the folks heading home from the bars, but it's just too cold to do that now. So I'm here updating this page, waiting for daybreak in an hour or so. There will be a definite siesta today.