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Tuesday, October 26th "Sevilla for kids"

Having my 13 year-old nephew, Ean, in Sevilla with us was a great experience, and we have learned of several activities for children. I wanted to post this a while ago, but well, things got a little behind. For those of you out there who are parents it comes as no surprise that video games and television often win out over cathedrals, museums and historic sites. Walking is another problem – even if we are 5 minutes from home a taxi or bus is wanted. Still it’s fun to have a good kid to drag around and any of the issues we’ve had have been small and typical of his age. Some things which we’ve done or will be doing in the next days:

  • Paddle boats on the river
  • Many movies. If there are children who don’t speak Spanish then consider these possibilities for English movies:
    • DVD – most have the original audio tracks
    • V.O. Theatres – where movies are subtitled and shown in their original version (ie: English, Italian, German). There are two in Sevilla: Corona Center in Triana and Avenida 5 Cines on Marques de Parada.
  • Isla Magica – a day in an amusement park is always fun, although the rides seem a little disappointing comparing to other parks. Still, plenty of water rides and one rollercoaster.
  • Food: a taste of home or something different after several days of tapas is always a good idea. Whether pizza, hamburgers, Chinese or other there are plenty of choices in Sevilla.
  • Bikes in Parque Maria Luis – renting one of the tandem bikes in the park is good for a few hours
  • Pigeons in the park – who doesn’t love a bunch of pigeons crawling all over you? I don’t, but it’s fun one time to feed the pigeons in Plaza America.
  • Football match – make a Betis one, but either will do so they can get a taste of professional sports in Spain.