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Thursday, November 1st "Vacation; Politics on my page: the results"

Many of you may have noticed a lack of updates to my daily entries pages. I am ashamed to say that I've been busy once again, but that I have been writing things down, just not publishing them. Works for me but not for you, so a bunch of updates to the daily entries pages are coming. One reason there's been little action this weekend is due to my vacation in the mountains just south of Granada. We spent a weekend enjoying rest, eating, photos and a little snow. I have renewed my love of Granada and cured the outdoor bug that was getting to me these past months.

As election time nears I previously mentioned it was hard to keep my thoughts to myself. The past few weeks my words about who I support, or rather don't support has led to some interesting discussions both in the city and via email with others. I've had a good time discussing my views and was able to express them even more in an article in the Sunday edition of El Correo de Andalucia, where my opinions went up against a nameless and faceless young Republican who made some slightly racist comments (good job Mr. "I want no photo or name associated with my comments"). Anyway, it's now even more apparent who I like and don't, isn't it? (If not please see poster to the right). And a side word to the clever few who signed me up for some Bush/Repub loving newsletters - I already get about 100 or more emails a day of spam! And now I get to report these organizations to Spamcop! And I have your IP address and email! Just kidding on the last one: I have no idea who you are and am so very thankful for that. My message to you would be: Now get out there and don't vote.