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Friday, November 21st "Homebound"

We spent most of the week inside the house waiting for plumbers or other folks. We hoped that we would have our hot water heater installed on Monday, but they said it would likely be Tuesday. They made it on Tuesday only to discover that the old water heater which was installed in the ceiling had been put in place before they installed the air conditioning. Essentially they would have to either take down the duct work or cut the metal frame supporting the water heater in order to get it out of the bathroom. Seems they really were in a hurry to put this place on the market in 1992.

After a bit of marveling and various comments from the owner, plumber and ourselves on how stupid the people were who first renovated the house a decision was made to leave the old water heater in place and install the new one below the ceiling. So now we have a hot water heater over the toilet, but it's not that different from many apartments here. Just a little less pleasing on the eye. Hope it never falls...

Since then we've been at home to have an adjustment made to the installation as well as to wait for the people to come and install the new ceiling. A simple job - they just need to hang 4 new ceiling tiles. We'll see when they actually arrive.