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Friday, November 28th "A long week; Where's my ceiling?!? Here comes the cold"

Spent a long week trying to keep up with fifty different things. Ok, so maybe it was forty, but it felt like a hundred. Do I have you confused? Good, because I am at this point. Lots of bill paying, shopping, preparing for family, house cleaning, clients, quotes and more. Finished up one web project and glad to be moving to the next phase on that. Meanwhile a million ideas are filling my head for new content. I've been gathering so much information and now need a burst of energy to get everything en marcha...that will be soon. Late nights until 4am means little sleep, something I plan to make up this weekend.

I did meet with someone working on a guide for Sevilla and students and will be collaborating over the next few weeks to help them get it done. Right now I have a hundred and fifty pages to read and review, but it will have to wait until after I've rested. It was a fun meeting and they have a really interesting project. Kind of overlaps with what I am working on and some future plans for my site, but always better to work together than compete, at least in most cases.

We are now over two weeks past when out water heater broke and are still waiting for our new ceiling to be installed. Until then we have a view of two water heaters and a bunch of wires and bricks. Great for when family comes. Still no sight or sound of the people who should be here to fix it.

Finally the cold has arrived and unfortunately no wood to be found for our fireplace. We will have to venture further out (to a store) to find something so we can keep the place warm. Unlike back home I can't go out into my yard for wood. We thought of going to the park and cutting down a tree, but we'd have to wait for it to dry plus run from the police. We do have heat, but we're trying to use the fireplace as much as possible before we leave the apartment - the new one will likely not have this luxury.