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Monday December 15th "Haircut by the ultimate betico; Cereceto"

I've described the experience of getting my haircut in Spain before - a precision job which involves rounds of clippers, scissors and straight razors. I've been going to one place on Amor de Dios close to the Dinner at CerecetoAlameda without knowing the man behind the shop. So this week I discovered that the fellow cutting my hair is none other than the PA man for the Betis games ("beticos del mundo...!!!!"). I must say it's a much better job than I thought now that I know who he is. But seriously, this is a great place to get your hair cut if you want to walk out with every hair in place. It's also fast - there's hardly ever a wait, and relatively cheap at 9,50€. I wonder if there's ever been a sevillista in the place, but considering the man wields a straight razor they may want to stay away.

Another discovery along my restaurant filled week was Cereceto on c/Pérez Galdós just off the Alfalfa. This place has a number of bars and restaurants and on late Friday and Saturday night it's hard to walk down the street with all the people spilling out of the bars. While Mia Tana get's all the credit - and they surely deserve a lot - many people are confused by Cereceto which appears a little upscale. Don't be confused! The place is actually pretty reasonable, with dishes and pizzas starting around 5€. What most people don't know is that it's a franchise of the very popular San Marco chain of restaurants in Sevilla. They offer basically the same menu as San Marco, but the prices are more reasonable. While it's filled up on the weekends it's pretty easy to get a table during the week. They've got plenty of seating, some interesting zebra-striped walls and a nice area in the back which has two semi-private dining rooms.