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Sunday, December 14th "Family and more content; Jabugo"

I spent much of the last week with family - mom was in town - so we ate and shopped and I took a lot of pictures. I'll have 6-7 new photo albums, a host of new restaurants and lots of new sights in the coming days. There are plenty of new pictures in the old pages as well as some new content here and there. I'll be adding it to the updated list shortly, as well as a week's worth of daily entries - they're late and while I kept up with writing them I didn't have time to post them!

Finally, a nice trip was made to Jabugo and some other small pueblos like Aracena today. Many meats purchased and consumed (good eating) plus some photos, all of which will be here tomorrow! It's quarter 'til three so it's time for bed.