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Tuesday, January 18th "What I do"

If you read through much of the site then you likely have stumbled upon my profession aside from running this non-revenue generating web site here. I love exploreseville and wish I could spend all of my time taking photos, adding content and writing about whatever new things come up in Sevilla. But that doesn’t really pay the bills. The way I try to pay the bills is by working at, where I run the online hotel reservation portion of the business. Markus, my partner, takes care of the apartment reservations. All of this is geared to the tourist or short term visitor, which makes my site a helpful resource as well. Much of my time is spent answering emails, talking to hotels and making bi-weekly visits to see that everything is working. I take a lot of pictures and do a lot of online research for the hotels we select. I also work with a few language schools and other businesses plus get to meet with a lot of interesting people from just about every corner of the globe. And I have a little more freedom than my last job – a bar or café is often my office. I get invited to a beer or tapa every now and then, or can enjoy an hour hanging out in a 4 star hotel patio with a free cup of coffee. When I am not glued to my laptop, I spend a lot of time in the street running from one place to another.