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Wednesday, January 19th "My home network"

It’s been a long haul to get my wireless network up and working the way I always wanted to. It didn’t help that Telefonica provided me with a router-modem which would not allow me direct access, rather access through a hellish program which has me going through page after page of useless steps. One at a time the barriers, literally and virtually, came down and I now have the connectivity I wanted. I have over 20,000 photos which I couldn’t possibly store on my laptop, but I wished to play with. The laptop is much quicker than the desktop for Photoshop. I have 40 gigs of music, plus 30 gigs of video. I have a Pocket PC which is wireless. I only have one printer. I have a real problem with gadgets.

After months of fighting with Windows new built in mierda of a firewall, plus Zone Alarm, plus my router configuration plus the ghosts in the machine which would have things working one minute and then not the next I finally triumphed three weeks ago. I lived with no firewall, no encryption and at many points no connectivity. I survived a hacking attempt – seems someone could get around my network easier than I could. Thankfully they are now locked out. Now if I want to stream video to any device in the house I can. I can print from my Pocket PC, I can remotely connect from one device to another and see what’s happening on a desktop at any time. I can stream music to my home stereo. I still have a few bugs to work out and a couple of things I am longing to do on my network, but for now I have to sit back and enjoy it. It’s great to surf the net on my hand held before I drift off to sleep in my bed. And I know at any moment it can all come crashing down.