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Monday, June 9th "A Productive Day"

Some days you're inspired to do a lot. Especially when you have to get up at 8am, which is early for many people in Sevilla. After eating a breakfast of tostada con jamón serrano and a cafe with Granada we head to Diario de Sevilla where I'm to meet a friend for an interview with a reporter there. He's started an internet marketing company and I'm helping get things off the ground in hopes of some real work down the line. Granada leaves me outside the building and heads to the doctor while I wait 20 minutes for my friend to show up.

We meet with the reporter for an hour while a photographer snaps 30-40 pictures of my friend and I. He does most of the talking, being from Peru and of course having much better command of Spanish. When applicable I chip in my two cents and give them a little little background info, my marketing beliefs, etc.. The interview goes well, we have another cafe afterwards and decide we've made a valuable contact and hope it pays dividends in the future. The article should be published soon. We're both working on separate projects and agree to pool resources as much as possible. And we agree that as much as we're working it's all too easy to lose track of time and get distracted in Sevilla. A quick trip down the street to meet a friend and have a beer can turn into a 3 hour event, with tapas, another beer (the next is always la penúltima, as they say here), and a lot of discussion. Granada also has 5 brothers and sisters, and their is always someone to see or something to do.

Well caffeinated, I meet Granada and we head to El Corte Inglés to buy groceries. After 2 hours in the grocery we take a break for a cerveza then head back to El Corte Inglés to buy a new pair of glasses and a few other things. We have lunch and head back home. Since then I've been cleaning the house (it was greatly needed), balancing checkbooks and have sent about 5 emails. I work a little on the page and decide I need to include a page on the Betis-Sevilla rivalry. As for now my plan is to stay inside, keep cool and do a lot of nothing.

A link for today:

Diario de Sevilla