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Friday, September 12th "Star Trek 12: So Very Tired..."

Remember that Simpsons episode? Well, if you don't it was a parody of the never ending Star Trek series of movies with the characters now so old they could barely move. Anyway, that's what I feel like the last few days. I've been hopping around taking pictures for the site, adding sections, getting ready to go to Córdoba, looking at possible jobs to fill the holes between other jobs, trying to finish up another website, buying a mobile phone (see my last entry), buying a real chair to go with my computer desk , thinking about a new apartment and the list goes on and on. I haven't even had time for a beer - hold on just a minute...ahh, much better with a cold Cruzcampo. I also have a long list of emails to write, seeing as somehow my yahoo account hasn't been working right.

I'm looking forward to seeing Córdoba for the fifth time. Just to get out of Seville for a day and see something different. I'll be taking pictures of students for a study abroad web site as well as getting a free lunch. Not a bad deal. If you haven't been to Córdoba check out a few of my pictures. Hopefully by this time next week the photo album will be much better, so on second thought why don't you wait to check out the pictures.

As you can see my brain power is fading fast, I want to post my hotel section and upload a bunch of new stuff. So I'll talk at you tomorrow!