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Monday, September 22nd "Fall, please!; Haircut; Distractions"

Enough of the heat. I am ready for cooler temperatures and rain. I don't think it's rained here since sometime in May. But every day I look at the weather forecast and every day they predict it will be cooler in 1-2 days. My bet is it's just wishful thinking, or maybe I need to change the page I'm using to check the forecast.

I got my haircut today after 3 months without one and I bring this up only for some curious observations. First is that the old style barber shop still lives on in Seville. I'm talking about the kind of place your Dad may have brought you for your first haircut - old men sitting around reading magazines, combs in bluish water, old-fashioned barbers chairs and of course the straight razor. This is my third haircut in Seville in the last 6 months, and as G noticed there is more of a ritual to a haircut here than in the the states. First used was a clipper, then scissors, a straight razor, another clipper, straight razor again, scissors, careful blow dry, razor, scissors, then done. I don't think there is a hair out of place.

I've promised a lot of new stuff on this page and I am working a lot, just not necessarily on everything I said I'd complete. Anyway, after some 8 hours today I am getting ready to break up some pages and do a navigation overhaul. It will likely not be the last, but some pages were just too long. Before launching new sections I'd rather clean this up so they all fit in somewhere. So I ask for some patience while I'm getting things ready, and as always please report any broken links or issues you see.

It's now 2:40am so I'm off to bed to sleep for a few hours and then I'll be right back in this seat working again.