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Friday, September 26th "Monday's the day; Festival de las Naciones; Metro; Kentucky Fried Chicken arrives"

Monday we will have our satellite installed - 10 days from the time we ordered it which is very quick. I know I'm a freak for thinking about this as much as I have but I am a sports nut and I need to keep up with the games. We also get CNN Europe and a bunch of movie channels. Plus pay per view, music channels and some other stuff we'll likely never use. I just hope we can get a Panther's game here next week. If they keep winning we have a better shot at seeing the game. My only other request is that by some incredible stroke of luck they broadcast a Duke-UNC basketball game in February or March.

The Festival de las Naciones is here! While I've never been I've heard many good things about it. You can eat and drink from stands representing places all around the world. I saw a picture of an authentic gyro on TV, which has me salivating. German, Mexican, Italian are some of many other options. It is a little expensive, or so I've been told. I think it will be located in the Prado de San Sebastian where they also hold the Feria de Tapas.

The long awaited metro (subway) project has gotten underway after many years of talking. They finished rehabilitating the section they started in 1987. In June of 2006 they are supposed to open the first line of the metro in Sevilla. I will soon add some news about this in a new section.

Finally, Kentucky Fried Chicken Restaurant will be opening soon on Reyes Catolicos in Sevilla. I like that it is not just KFC, but KFC Restaurant. Sounds very elegant. It joins Burger King and Pizza hut which are on the opposite side. We now have McDonald's. Burger King, Pizza Hut and KFC. Still missing Wendy's, which I heard was in Madrid. Subway was here several years ago but closed down.