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Sunday, September 28th "Fútbol; Football"

Thankfully Real Madrid lost last night to Valencia 2-0. Watching Real Madrid is like watching the Yankees: no salary cap so they simply try and buy the league championship each year. This year's addition of course was Beckham, more of a marketing rather than strategic move. But I'm sick of seeing his pony tail and thousands of screaming little girls following him around everywhere. Valencia took over the number one spot in the league table, although that may change today. Betis takes on Zaragoza, desperately in need of a win to escape the cellar. Sevilla matches up against Murcia, hopefully for a devastating loss. We're 21 days away from the first derbi en Sevilla - the Betis-Sevilla game. Much like Duke-Carolina, it's a rivalry which takes over the city the week before and after.

The Carolina Panthers are back in action this today against the Atlanta Falcons. If all goes well with cable tomorrow and they decide to show the game tape delayed I may just get to watch it. More likely is I'll follow the game on the internet.