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Monday, September 29th "Too good to be true; Cable theft; Email; New section"

I knew it was too good to be true...we were going to have cable today. We do, it's just not working right. We have about 20 channels but none of the good stuff. We may be waiting for someone to enter our bank account details into the database somewhere and then it will automatically update. Or it may be someone's bad Monday with our slip sitting in a pile of today's work that will get done tomorrow. In keeping with the service "standard" of cable companies all over the world, Digital Plus is likely dropping the ball. So no NFL football for me today...maybe tomorrow?

We also learned some interesting things about our neighbors upstairs. There are two options for receiving satelite television: individual or community antennas. We were told by the folks upstairs that we did not have a community antenna and that Digital Plus would not install one. We checked with the president of the community and another neighbor and they all said the same thing. I don't think they're interested in any kind of cable service, so they haven't paid much attention to it. Understood.

However, when we got out service call they mentioned we already had a community antenna, even though everyone here thought we didn't. We told them we certainly did not have one so bring along an individual dish to hook us up. Well, they arrived this morning and determined there was a community antenna for our building and the guy remembers installing it a few years ago. Having this means they must install our system using the community antenna. After going on the roof to check it out more the fellow came down and mentioned our neighbors upstairs had adjusted it so they were receiving free service. He of course had to change it so they couldn't receive it anymore.

So all day I've been listening to the woman upstairs make a lot of noise and making comments which seem to be directed at us. She's having a good time of slamming windows and doors as well as talking loudly when she uses the elevator next to our door. Ok, I have no problem with stealing cable - I could care less if these folks are doing it. But I say tough shit - you're luck was going to run out sometime soon and just because I decided to pay for my service doesn't mean you can blame me. Maybe if you wanted to share that free cable I would have let it go. Anyway, it's just a lesson in cable theft and sharing.

Got an email today from Jeremy at He runs a great site and I was happy to see he had stopped by my page. If you're looking for message boards on Spain his is the place to hit. I am embarrased to say I missed this on my travel forum reviews (you can't cover it all, but this was a big miss) so I am off to update that a bit.

Finally new section on People in the Street is up, although not 100% complete. As always, I prefer to share even if it isn't ready. Maybe they'll learn about that upstairs.