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Friday, October 24th "Hitting the pavement; Doing it yourself; A day off"

Spent a lot of time the last few days walking around the city. Aside from exercise and getting some fresh air it's always good to Explore Seville a little (I know, a shameless plug). You can get caught in your routines in Seville as surprising as it may seem. Being sick doesn't help that much either. Although there's something new to do just about every day there's also comfort in the little habits you make along the way! So to get out of routine and to keep my promise of more information for the site I've been scouring the streets, both big and small, to discover some new stuff in Sevilla for you and me. The fact that there are so many stores, bars and restaurants will keep me busy for the near future.

With that, it's worth mentioning that doing this website myself can be difficult, but also that much more rewarding when a new section, photo album or topic is completed. Between the other projects I'm working on I've been fortunate enough to be able to dedicate a lot of time to this site while trying to keep the information, ideas, etc. as original as possible. This page is about information on Sevilla and some of that can't change - the Giralda will always be in the same place! But without developing original topics or adding to what's already here it becomes the same old stuff, no? Doing the content and the design can be challenging (I know the look ain't perfect, but how much will you learn about Sevilla from my design skills?). But it's fun, and keeping the page well organized is part of the design that I hope is most important to people who are seeking information, like you! All this said my goal is to provide updated information and in order to dedicate my time to that I've brought some people on board to help out! Our goal is to have fun and not to get dragged down in the details - ha! We'll see how that goes, and it also means changes will take a while. You'll see some changes semi-soon as a lot is going on behind the scenes. And these will be the good kind of changes, I hope. Nothing annoying or guaranteed to drag my page download times to a standstill. And an advanced apology to many of you, but I'll still have my say in the design so it won't be that good :) But really, I want to be able to move things around when needed, and not rely on others to make those changes!

So today I'll take most of the day off - it's Friday! Will begin at Bar Jota around 3 or so and am told we are expected to be out all night. I'll have a report for you in the morning, if I get up in time.