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Saturday, November 1st "Halloween; Clear Skies (not the Bush legislation); Updates, updates, updates"

Halloween in Sevilla is becoming more and more popular. Younger children are dressing up at school and older children, well adults, are seen more and more often in the streets with costumes or at least a mask. Plenty of parties were held in bars and clubs last night including prizes for the best costume, some decoration and of course plenty of drinks. We went out for a bit last night to get a glimpse in Flaherty's, the Alfalfa area and Catedral. We got to see Dracula on roller-blades! But most of our Halloween included basking on the glow of our carved pumpkin (bought from El Cote Inglés), eating a little candy and watching "Nightmare on Elm Street Parts 1 & 2", plus "Halloween H20".


While weather updates don't seem to exciting we have nothing but clear skies for the next week. After several weeks with rain almost every day it's a welcome change. Weather is now fall-like - crisp but perfect.

Finally I'm promising some updates to the page. A lot of work has been going on behind the scenes to bring you more of everything! From food and shopping to more internet cafes, basic information, art, bars and restaurants. I just need to put the finishing touches on a few things - spell check, a little clean-up and some organization - and they'll be ready to launch.