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Saturday, November 15th "A very long week, a very late night; Anyone know a good plumber?"

There was little opportunity for rest this week. A lot of time in the street and a lot of places to visit as work picks up. Quotes, designs then more quotes and more designs. Between that and the all day trip to Málaga there's been little time to relax, until last night...

Went out with Wayne and Carlos last night and hit some interesting spots in Arenal and the Alfalfa. After starting in Plaza Salvador for a beer we grabbed a tapa and then hit a few bars/discotecas. Nu Yor was the first stop, where we saw some good little Cuban band for an hour. Tried a little of a mojito, with plenty of of sugar and mint leaves. Nu Yor is a site to see - and upstairs VIP part is more of a coat and tie atmosphere with mainly older folks. Downstairs there's a bar to the left when you enter, some seats and a few tables towards the back and a little space to dance (though nobody was) in front near the band. The crowd got younger as we edged past 12:30 and the music started up. Afterwards we went to Gaudi - a bar/discoteca with a look reminiscent of the works of the architect. Plenty of "dudes" with spiked hair and some great people watching. We made our way back to the center and Plaza Nueva to get to Bestiario, another disco/bar with A LOT of people. If you don't like crowds many bars in Sevilla will quickly become annoying. We ended up at Berlin in the Alfalfa for the rest of the night. Berlin was more to my liking - normal people, rock music (better than the thumping dance crap we heard before) and a cool brick interior. Much mellower crowd but still lively. Made it home around 7:30am for much needed sleep.

Unfortunately I woke around 1:15pm to the sound of water dripping. It was raining hard which usually makes for an easier sleep. After a few minutes of listening to the rain I noticed it wasn't just raining outside. In the bathroom our hot water heater, which is above the ceiling, had begun to leak. The light fixture was filled with water, as well as the floor. After trying to track down the president of the comunidad and making several unanswered calls to the owner of the apartment I managed to find the water main at the front of the building and cut off the water to our apartment. By that time the water in the light fixture had shorted out the electricity. After ripping out a ceiling tile or two I saw the problem which was nothing I could fix. Managed to get electricity back in the apartment but no ceiling lights work. Until tomorrow when a plumber comes we have no water and some light. But at least the computer and tv are working. And I finally found a good use for the two fountains in the patio of our building - we're just a few steps away from one where we can fill up a bucket to fill the toilet so we can flush it.