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Sunday, November 16th "Cold water; Electricity"

Sunday morning and we managed to get our cold water back. The water heater is broken and they'll have to replace it along with the ceiling. Thankfully I'm a renter at this time so I don't have to pay. So cold water is something even though we'll have to wait until Tuesday for them to finish everything up. One curiosity was why there was no llave or valve to turn off the water heater in the first place. It's the norm but it looks like they were in a hurry to get this place finished back in '92 when they did the renovations.

After getting that fixed (at least for the next day or so) we had issues with the electric - mainly going out every 30 minutes. Thanks to Carlos, Granada's brother, who is an electrician we were able to take care of that problem in 20 minutes. Always good to have an electrician in the family. As there is no Betis game this weekend we're free to do something other than apartment maintenance this afternoon. We'll be eating in a bar or restaurant somewhere and enjoy not being in the apartment.