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Saturday, December 13th "Buying a Christmas tree in Sevilla"

Not our tree - but a popular site on Sierpes
Buying a real Christmas tree in Sevilla is getting easier, although actually dragging it home always prove difficult. One thing to do for sure is to buy it close to home unless you have a car. And on the way home passing several people it was very clear I was an American. A couple of guys working on the outside of a house noticed the "americano con un pino" and began singing "Oh Christmas Tree" in broken English. I couldn't help but put the tree down and laugh with them for a minute - I just needed a bit of rest, really.

When you buy a tree in Spain it comes bundled in twine so you have a hard time judging how full the tree will be. You may end up with a Charlie Brown tree when you unbundle it back home. You also buy the tree "roots and all" so you have to plant it in a pot and keep it watered. It just makes it a bit heavier when you have to drag it 7-8 blocks home.