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Saturday, January 22nd "Street musicians – there are two kinds"

We now have new neighbors who many have seen if they have visited Sevilla. They are very good classical musicians from Romania or perhaps Russia which can be found on calle Tetuan on many days. People stand around and clog the streets to watch them for more than a few minutes. People toss them 1 and 2 euros coins fairly often, and it’s only fair as there are four of them and they are quite good. Just a few days ago some or all of them moved into an apartment downstairs. Now we get to hear them practice about every day, and it is a pleasant practice. Especially nice as it drowns out the soundof the various children in our building: the one who calls everyone ugly when she sees them, and the two brothers who fight until the youngest cries (every night). So we are happy to have our new neighbors and a little peace.

We’ve recently crossed paths with a large woman who carries a hat while her partner (equally large) plays the saxophone accompanied by a disk of background music. They seem to be hitting the bars we frequent and are now getting to know us. We’re always asked for a few coins, or better yet a 50 Euro bill. I have to admit she has a sense of humor and fairly soon we’ll have to start paying her just because she recognizes us. Then again, when they finished their last song the other day outside of Bar Manolo they hopped into a 4 door Citroen which is nicer than any car I plan to have in my life. So maybe if they give me a lift next time I’ll part with a little change.