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Tuesday, January 25th "Things I can’t stand…today"

So there isn't much about Sevilla or Spain below. But it's a good day for me to write about what bothers me today...

  • Roaring 20’s music and costumes.
  • Just about every musical ever made, including some of the latest movie/musicals like Chicago. I’m sorry but who can sit through this crap, or should I say two hours of this crap!
  • Corset dramas as my friend Stike use to say , which include about any drama/ love story surrounding events in the 16th- 19th centuries.
  • Dumb people in travel forums who spout opinion as fact or simply make up facts about certain places when they don’t have the first &*#%@ idea... This includes the “asses” who live in the forums only to jump all over a question by a poor fellow who has never traveled outside his own country. Travel forums should be for helping people, but some must lead such terrible lives that abuse is the only thing they can use them for.
  • Antoñito’s hair – it’s bad enough he plays for Sevilla.
  • Walking down calle Aguila which involves hugging the side of a building as you try not to get hit by a car mirror.
  • George W. Bush…I can say I hate him, right? Here in the safe confines of Spain I think I can…right?