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Thursday, January 27th "Internet habits and other web ‘things’ which bother me:"

Ok, so you see a theme going for these past two days. It'll be out of my system soon enough. Don't take offense if you like something on my hated lists...

  • Read receipts for every email, no matter what the importance is…
  • Email responses which appear at the end of the sent message. Thanks, I feel like scrolling today
  • Email responses where the original message has been erased, especially the important ones. What the hell did I say? I don’t always remember.
  • Flash web sites: do I have to go into this again? Yes! I love watching a progress bar load on the front page. I love seeing lots of animation and photos with little information. And give me a frame with a set of cute little arrows to move up and down with, but don’t make it a real scroll bar: limit the scroll speed to something agonizingly painful, or speed it up so fast that I can’t ever read the middle portion of the text. Your logo spinning in five different directions? Cool! Your hopeful commerce web site tanking in the search engines because you don’t understand the importance of 1 word of written text – EVEN BETTER.
  • Web sites who steal my content, word for word and photo for photo, and don’t give one bit of credit to me, like this one:
    These truly stupid people don’t even realize some of the information they have posted is almost 6 months out of date. Oh, and isn’t that the former director of my study abroad page there at the bar, or perhaps my wife? Well, don’t worry, I’ll never catch on that this is you honey!
  • Meaningless icons which help me visualize instead of read. Problem is your icons suck and help me visualize visual clutter. Even better, give me a list of 40 icons, like the services and amenities in a hotel. Then add alt text so I can mouse over all the ones which make no sense instead of reading text the normal way.
  • Fake search engine results which lead me to another page with another set of non-relevant results for a term.
  • Websites which open each link in a new window…when it leads to a section in their own page. Try navigating through for a few minutes. Try it here, and here and here and here and here and here. Isn't that fun? Did I just cluttered up your desktop? Now see if you can make it back to what you were reading first...
  • Pop up windows alerting me of a problem with my computer.
  • All pop up windows.
  • Cialis soft tabs, mosrtgage re finan ce emails writte n with spa ces and speling error s to avoid spam filte rs. My unclaimed lottery winnings or secret opportunity to help Mr. Kawange P Nagabonga in the Republic of Nigeria, former Minister of Spoilery, move the funds in the sum of $20 Million from his bank to my country so I can claim 20%. Thank you Mr. Nagabonga, I do feel God has blessed me with this opportunity and I won’t tell anyone until you have my bank account information.
  • Pre-selected check boxes so I can receive your spam when signing up for something. Or have me check a box to say I wish not to receive mailings. It doesn’t matter, make it tricky.