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aceite oil
aceite de girasol oil, sunflower
aceite de oliva oil, olive
aceite vegetal oil, vegetable
aceituna olive
acelgas swiss chard (greens)
adobo marinade typically consisting of vinegar, parsley and garlic
agua water
aguacate avocado
aguardiente liquor also known as firewater
ahumado smoked
ajo garlic
alas wing
albahaca basil
albóndiga meatball, in the south typically a mixture of pork and beef.
alcachofa artichoke
alcaparras capers
aliños condiment typically for salad
alioli garlic mayo
alitas wing, as in chicken wing
almejas clams
almendra almond
anchoa anchovy
anguila eel
anís liquor - flavored with aniseed
apio celery
arandano berry, two types: sometimes blueberries (rare) but more often a cranberry
arenque herring
arroz rice
arroz con leche dessert dish
asado roasted, often times you will see stores selling pollos asados (roast chicken)
atún tuna
avellanas hazelnuts
azafran saffron
azúcar sugar
bacalao cod, usually heavily salted
batata sweet potato
batido milk with chocolate, strawberry (think chocolate milk)
berberecho cockle, type of shellfish like clam
berenjena eggplant
berro watercress
bizcocho biscuit?
bocadillo larger sandwich served cold on chewy bread. Typical varieties include jamon (ham), chorizo (sausage), tortilla and atun (tuna)
bollo bread roll
bonito tuna - better quality
boquerones anchovies. However, less salty and closer to smelt in taste. Often served in vinagre or fried.
brecol broccoli
brevas fig, riper than a higo
brócoli brocoli
buey beef
buñuelo fritter
caballa mackerel
cabrillas larger snails
cacahuete peanuts
cafe americano coffee - basically watered down coffee, similar to the US
cafe con leche coffee with milk
cafe cortado coffee with less milk
cafe solo coffee - espresso without milk
calabacín squash
calabaza pumpkin
calamares squid
callos tripe
camarónes shrimp - very small
caña de lomo cured pork, similar to chorizo
cangrejo crab
caracoles snails
caramelos candy
carne meat
castañas chestnuts. During winter often roasted and sold by street vendors
cazon dogfish or shark
cebolla onion
cebolleta onion - smaller
centollo crab, spider crab…
cerdo pork
cereza cherry
cerveza beer
chacina cold cuts or sliced meats (see fiambre)
champiñones mushrooms
chicharro pork cracklings or rind
chicharrones fried pork rind, or cracklings
chipirones squid - smaller, common dish is chipirones a la plancha (grilled squid)
chirimoya chirimoya
chorizo cured (typically) pork sausage served in most of Spain.
chorizo criollo creole sausage typical of Galicia and Asturias regions, cooked.
chuleta chop, as in pork chop
churros beignets - deep fried dough sometimes covered in powdered sugar. Often served with hot chocolate
cigala crayfish
cintas de lomo pork chops, boneless
ciruela plum
ciruelas pasas prunes
cochinillo pig - roast, suckling
cocido stew
coco Coconut
col cabbage
coles de bruselas brussel sprouts
coliflor cauliflower
comino cumin
coñac brandy
concha clam
conejo rabbit
consomé consommé (soup)
cordero lamb
corvinas fish, like hake
costillas ribs
crema cream
criadillas testicles
croqueta croquette - fried mass with bechamel and choice of filling like ham, tuna, chicken, spnicahe, etc.
dátiles dates
diente de ajo garlic clove
dorada mahi mahi or gilthead
dulce de membrillo quince jam or jelly
dulces sweets
embutidos cured meats such as chorizo, ham, suasage
empanada pastry with meat or seafood filling
empanada de ternera pastry with veal/beef
empanada gallega pastry with tuna and tomato sauce filling
empanadilla smaller empanada
endivia endive
ensalada salad
ensalada mixta salad with tuna fish, hardboiled egg, in general salad with more ingredients.
eneldo dill
entrcot filet
escabeche spicy, pickled, as in Mejillones en escabeche (pickled canned mussels)
espadilla shoulder chop, as in lamb
espárragos asparagus
especias spices
espinacas spinach
espinacas con garbanzos spinach stewed with chick peas and paprika
estofado stew
estragon tarragon
fabes beans - butter beans
faisán pheasant
fiambre meats - cold cuts, sliced meats
fideos noodles, pasta
fino sherry - dry
flamenquin fried roll generally with meat, ham and cheese
flan crème boulette or caramel custard
frambuesa raspberry
fresa strawberry
frito fried
gallina hen/chicken
gambas shrimp
garbanzo chick peas
gazpacho soup - cold tomato soup generally made with green pepper, cucumber, onion, bread, garlic and olive oil, but variations exist. Served in a bowl (cuenco) or glass (vaso) depending on the restaurant or bar.
girasol sunflowers
granada pomegranate
grelos greens
guarnición garnish
guindillas pepper - red, dried spicy pepper
guisantes peas
guiso soup or stew
habas broadbeans
habichuela green beans
hamburguesa hamburger
harian de maiz corn flower
harina flour
helado ice cream
hierbabuena mint
hígado liver
higos fig, less ripe than a breva
horchata iced drink with almonds and milk
huevas fish eggs, served fried or a la plancha.
huevo egg
jamón ham, cured. Ibérico/pata negra (black foot) is better and more expensive. Serrano/pata blanca (white foot), is lower quality and much cheaper
jamón de york ham, cooked
jérez sherry
judías beans
jugo juice ( fruit juice is typically referred to as zumo in Spain)
langosta lobster
langostina prawns
laurel bay leaf
leche milk
lechuga lettuce
lengua tongue
lenguado sole
lentejas lentils
levadura yeast
limón lemon
lombarda red cabbage
lomo pork loin
lubina seabass
manchego cheese - cured sharp sheep's milk cheese served throughout Spain.
mandarina mandarin orange or tangerine
manitas de cerdo pigs feet
manteca lard
mantequilla butter
manzanas apples
manzanilla sherry
mariscos shellfish in general sense
mayonesa mayonnaise
mazapán marzipan
mejillónes mussels
melocotón peach
melón melon
membrillo quince
menudo tripe
menudencias giblets
merluza hake
mermelada jelly, jam or marmalade
mero grouper
miel honey
milanesa cutlet
mojarra bluegill (fish)
mojo picon condiment from Canary Islands but commonly used throughout spain.
mollejas sweetbread, brains
montadito sandwich - small and served hot
morcilla blood sausage
mostaza mustard
muslo thigh, as in chicken
nabos turnips
naranja orange
nata cream
natillas custard
navaja razor clam
navajuelas clam, variety of clam
nécora small crab
nisperos loquat, meddler fruit
nuez or nueces nut, nuts
nuez moscada nutmeg
oca goose
olivas olives
orégano oregano
ostra oyster
paella rice with seafood and/or meat and vegetables
palatilla lower quality ham (smaller)
paleta shoulder cut of meat
palmita palm - hearts of palm
paloma dove
palometa pompano, yellow jack, saurel
palomitas pop-corn
pan bread
pan rallado bread crumbs
panceta bacon, more fat
papada chin, typically chin of pig
papaya papaya
parilla grill (a la parilla = grilled)
pasas raisins
pasas prunes
pasteles pastries
patata potato
patatas fritas potato chips
paté paté
pato duck
pavo turkey
pechuga breast, as in chicken breast
pepinillo pickle
pepino cucumber
pera pear
percebes barnacles
perdiz partridge
perejil parsley
perrito caliente hot dog
pescado fish in general sense
pestorejo pigs face
pez espada swordfish
pierna leg, as in chicken leg
pimenton paprika, sweet and spicy varieties.
pimienta black pepper (pimineta roja, pimineta blanca)
pimiento bell pepper
piña Pineapple
pinchito kebab
pincho moruno kebab
pinchos small snacks served in bars - typical use of word in Madrid or north
pipas sunflower seeds
pisto stew eggplant, squash, green peppers, onion and sometimes an egg or potato
plancha grill (a la plancha is grilled)
plátano banana
pollo chicken
pomelo grapefruit
porras pastry, like churros, but thicker, and more doughy
postre dessert
potaje stew
puchero stew
puerros leeks
pulpo octopus
quesadilla soft cheese served with bread
queso cheese
queso fresco fresh cheese
rábanos radishes
rabo tail, cut of meat like rabo de toro - bull's tail
rape monkfish or angler (whitefish)
rebozados batter fried
regaña bread - crisp and like a cracker
remolacha beets
repollo cabbage
revuelto scrambled eggs
riñones kidneys
rodaballo flounder
romero rosemary
roquefort roquefort or blue cheese
roscos doughnut cakes or buns
rosquillas donut like pastries
sal salt
salchicha sausage
salchichón cured pork sausage
salmón salmon
salmonete mullet, red
salmorejo vegetable puree made from tomatoes, cimilar to Gazpacho but thicker and sweeter. Corodba is famous for it’s salmorejo.
salpicon chopped or shredded, as in salpicon de mariscos
salsa sauce
sandia watermelon
sangría drink consisting of fruit juice, wine, liquor and fruit.
sardinas sardines
sesos brains
seta mushrooms, wild variety
sidra cider, with alcohol
soja soy
solomillo tenderloin
sopa soup
sultana pastry
suspiros pastry
tagarnina condiment
tarta cake
ternera veal
tetilla cheese, type typical of Galicia
tocino pork fat
tocino del cielo flan like custard - similar but made with more egg yolks. Typically sweeter and thicker.
tomillo thyme
tortilla potato omelette
tostada toast
tripa tripe
trucha trout
trufas truffles, candy or vegetable
turrón candy, similar to fudge or nougat
uvas grapes
vaca beef
venado venison
verduras green vegetables
viceras organ meats
vieira scallop
vieiras scallops (shellfish)
vinagre vinegar
vino wine
yema egg yolk
yogur yogurt
zanahorias carrots
zarzamora blackberry
zarzuela seafood stew