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Welcome to Exploreseville.com, where you can find helpful information for the visitor, student or expat. I highly recommend you read the site guide to locate whatever you're looking for. If you're looking for pictures but don't have time for all the photo albums, you can take a quick photo tour of Seville. Finally, there's something new every week so keep an eye on the New and Updated panel just below the photo - this week it's a section on international and vegetarian dining options. To keep you up to date on what's going on check out the Latest News and Events sections to the left for daily updates.

My goal is to give you an insider's view of Seville with (almost) everything you need to know for your stay, whether you plan to visit, study or live in this wonderful city. In the case that you can't find certain topics I hope you'll discover information on Seville through my links page or in some of the travel forums. Locating what you need or preparing for your journey can be a lot of work and I give you my promise to answer every email I receive in English or Spanish should you have a question. Hope you enjoy the site...

Fall has arrived in Seville and with it comes cooler temperatures making it easier to get around during the day. The rainy season is upon us as we're now in the month of November. After almost 5 months without a drop of rain we're glad to see some change in the seasons, although the rain is getting to be a bit much now. La Liga, Spain's first division soccer league, is in full swing with Betis edging ahead of Sevilla F.C. in la tabla. La marcha returns to the center as bars and pubs are gearing up for the fall and winter business.


Patio in Triana
Patio in Triana
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Aside from a quick trip across the bridge or a night on Calle Betis many visitors overlook Triana. With it's history of flamenco and bullfighting, great tapas bars and some unique shops it's worth a longer visit. Strolling down the streets of Triana also gives you a closer look at everyday life outisde the tourist district.

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From money to mobile phones, accommodations to the sites, or technology and the internet, you can read a little about it all on my page, Exploreseville.com

You'll find some useful information about Seville. Some of my general observations have been put together to help you understand some of the quirks and differences of life here. Some conversion information on the Euro (€), kilos, commas and decimals should come in handy as well.

I've also included sections on transportation, shopping and nightlife (la marcha), as well as where to buy food when you're sick of eating out.

I know I can't cover it all when it comes to Seville, and with this collection of recommended books and some helpful links I hope to assist those of you looking for more information on some specific topics.

Finally, if you want to get out of town check out my section on side trips to steer you in the right direction.

I frequent many bars and restaurants in Sevilla, hoping to discover a few surprises hidden in the back alleys. There are a few I've listed that you'll find in guidebooks - they are quite good after all - but many you won't. Some notes on the list:

  • Many are places where actual Spaniards eat, so don't expect a lot of English when you go.
  • Except for a few marked with "$$" these are affordable. I don't make any money with this page, so my dining out is generally on a realistic budget, not a Fodor's budget.
  • Every dish listed is a recommendation and I've tried every one of them. I don't weigh 300 lbs. yet but I'm working on it!
  • I'm not taking any advertising money so these are all fairly impartial unless you consider my personal tastes.

Here you will find several reviews of restaurants and tapas bars in Seville. This list will continue to grow as my stomach does.


I love Seville. I always called it Sevilla until I started this page, so forgive me if I go back and forth with the spelling. After visiting several times and telling everyone I know for 10 years I wanted to live in Sevilla I finally decided to do it. I sold most everything I had, packed up what I could and came here with all my savings. If you want to see what everyday life is like in the city (or at least my everyday life), check out the daily entries section below.

Puente del Alamillo

Puente del Alamillo leads to the Olympic Stadium,
just to the right in the photo

I began to research Seville tourism and travel information on the web. I found some good sites but none that mentioned the bars and restaurants I frequented nor the hotels and hostals where most people I know stay. And while these pages offered tourist information about attractions, sites and culture in Seville (certainly helpful) they often didn't offer travel advice or insight into how things really work or the cultural differences you should expect.

This is where I think you'll find my site helpful. Along with some basic travel information and recommendations I've tried my best to offer advice about the differences in daily life you'll encounter and the obstacles or issues you may face during your stay in Seville. I hope this helps you spend your time discovering what Seville has to offer and worrying less about making all the little decisions. I hope you'll have a great vacation, study experience or extended stay.


MY LIFE HERE (some daily entries)

Saturday, November 1st

"Halloween; Clear Skies (not the Bush legislation); Updates, updates, updates"

Halloween in Sevilla is becoming more and more popular. Younger children are dressing up at school and older children, well adults, are seen more and more often in the streets with costumes or at least a mask. Plenty of parties were held in bars and clubs last night including prizes for the best costume, some decoration and of course plenty of drinks. We went out for a bit last night to get a glimpse in Flaherty's, the Alfalfa area and Catedral. We got to see Dracula on roller-blades! But most of our Halloween included basking on the glow of our carved pumpkin (bought from El Cote Inglés), eating a little candy and watching "Nightmare on Elm Street Parts 1 & 2", plus "Halloween H20".

While weather updates don't seem to exciting we have nothing but clear skies for the next week. After several weeks with rain almost every day it's a welcome change. Weather is now fall-like - crisp but perfect.

Finally I'm promising some updates to the page. A lot of work has been going on behind the scenes to bring you more of everything! From food and shopping to more internet cafes, basic information, art, bars and restaurants. I just need to put the finishing touches on a few things - spell check, a little clean-up and some organization - and they'll be ready to launch.

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