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I've eaten enough Spanish food to fatten up twenty people....but seriously, finding a good recipe book or guide to decipher those restaurant and bar menus can make a world of difference in your culinary travels. I am always looking for new books so if you've read something good please email me your recommendations.


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Lonely Planet World Food Spain (Lonely Planet World Food Guides)

A guide to Spanish food including history and background of regional specialties. Wines and drink included as well. Definitions, great pictures and wonderful descriptions of dishes. There are no recommendations for restaurants, so think of this book as a way to understand Spanish food in general.


Eating & Drinking in Spain: Spanish Menu Reader and Restaurant Guide

Translations for food and drink, recommendations on restaurants and tapas bars, etiquette and more. Pronunciation lessons help you order so the waiters understand! Seriously, if your Spanish is not that good this may make the difference between good and bad dining on your trip.


Routard: Andalucia & Southern Spain: Food, Drink and Accommodation Guide

I do believe they are published in France, but definitely offer a European point of view for the young, budget-minded traveler. What they do best is offer advice and recommendations on places to eat, look for nightlife and crash for the evening. Many restaurants and hotels in Sevilla display their stickers outside from previous recommendations. I've seen them on some great places, as well as a few questionable ones...

The Wines of Spain

Ahhh, the world of wine. Well covered in this book are the many regions of Spain producing wines, from Costers del Segre, Navarra, Peneds, Priorato, Ribera del Duero, and Somontano, to some lessor known regions to those outside of Spain. The grapes, soil, methods and more are covered, with some good line drawings - this is for readers interested in the process and best wines, not those who wish to see a photo of each bottle next to a description.



Paella!: Spectacular Rice Dishes from Spain

Penelope Casas has a firm grip on the American aficionado of Spanish cooking and cookbooks. in Paella! Casas lists almost 60 authentic recipes, most of which hail from the "birthplace" of paella, Spain's eastern coastal region. It's not always seafood, you know! Paella, the dish and not the book, is time consuming and cooking methods vary. Many readers (and cooks) prefer the method of stove top or grill cooking versus some of Casas' oven methods.

Tapas: The Little Dishes of Spain
You think of Spain and eating and the first thing that comes to mind are tapas! Before her book on paella there was this one, a favorite of many trying something new or relive there days ordering up a tapa or two. Over 300 recipes are included from all over Spain, but there's a few missing from Sevilla and Andalucia I wish were there. Although with so many recipes and regional specialties we can forgive Casas.


cover Foods and Wines of Spain
Another Penelope Casas's book! This one breaks away from tapas and paella to give you some everyday recipes plus wine from the the many regions of Spain. What wine goes well with what dishes, plus a little cooking with wine. Simple recipes that won't have you searching for lots of new ingredients in the supermarket. Some background of the culture and influences on the recipes makes it an interesting read as well.


Delicioso!: The Regional Cooking of Spain

Ok, this is the last Casas book. Delving deeper into the regional recipes and cultural influences, Casas expands on the regional flavors from her previous book, Foods and Wines of Spain. Each chapter focuses on a specialty of the region with several recipes around the same theme.


My Kitchen in Spain: 225 Authentic Regional Recipes

Written by an American living and teaching Spanish cooking in Spain for over 30 years, there are plenty of recipes from Andalucia as well as other regions. Recipes are easy to follow and many use simple ingredients you won't have trouble finding. From the home cooking you'll find in a small village to the tapas found in some of the most cosmopolitan cities of Spain, there is a great variety in the dishes.


New Tapas: Today's Best Bar Food from Spain

Get a little insight into the new spanish school of cooking. From some of the trendiest or most famous tapas bars, the author traveled through the regions of Spain in search of some new takes on traditional Spanish cuisine. International influences in cooking styles as well as ingredients are featured alongside some time tested traditional recipes, making this a little different from the other books.


The Book of Spanish Cooking

Part of a series of cooking books which is known for it's easy to follow directions and recipes. This covers a little of it all, from main dishes, tapas, vegetables and desserts. Over 100 recipes, mostly traditional, with some good basic explanations about Spain's culinary history.


Spanish Food and Cooking

Some traditional recipes plus the methods behind the foods coming out of the Spanish kitchen. If you've read this book let me know what you think, as I haven't been able to get much reader feedback on it.


Spanish Home Cooking/Cocina Casera Espanola
Recipes from all the regions of Spain put together by the author after a lot of research and visits to restaurants to select some of the best dishes. Good illustrations and some great stories behind the recipes make it a unique book.


Cooking the Spanish Way: Revised and Expanded to Include New Low-Fat and Vegetarian Recipes (Easy Menu Ethnic Cookbooks)

This series of books is made for the young interested chef. Working with a parent or older sibling this book takes them through some of the basics of cooking as well as learning about the ingredients. Spanish and English for the recipes helps them get a grasp on some basic spanish culinary vocabulary.

Tapas: The Essential Kitchen series
Another book on tapas with some interesting recipes from the different regions of Spain. Some interesting takes on traditional dishes plus a little invention by the author makes for plenty of interesting recipes.



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