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Spanish courses in SevilleSpanish courses in Seville are a very popular way to visit the city. Whether you want to prepare for DELE certification (official certificate by the Chamber of Commerce in Madrid certifying your ability), learn a little Spanish or simply get to know more people in Seville, you will have no problem finding a private language school in Seville. All will offer you an accommodation service to live with a family, in a shared apartment with other students, or on your own. And all offer some type of cultural activities and excursions, whether organized by the school itself or offered through another company which specializes in these type of activities. Below you will find a list of most of the Spanish schools in Seville where you can take a Spanish course. All listings include a short description, web address and approximate price for a standard 4 week course. If you are looking for more information on the study abroad programs through U.S. colleges and universities then check out the Study in Seville page. One final note: these are the spanish language schools which have their own facilities in Seville. There are many other "schools" which may simply sell you their relationship with one of the schools below. They appear to be large providers and describe their schools, but you will see lots of stock photography and very little of the actual school. This is not necessarily a bad thing as you end up at a good school, just know that if a school you are interested is not listed below you may still end up at one of these!

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Babylon Idiomas

Address: Calle Amor de Dios, 50-52 (Alameda)
web: babylon-idiomas.com
4 week Spanish Course: 580€

Spanish language only school located close to the Alameda. They offer Intensive, Super-Intensive, Private (One-to-one), Business, and DELE Prep courses. There are cultural activities as well. This is part of a chain which with locations in Spain, Argentina, and Costa Rica.


Don Quijote

Address: Calle Conde de Ibarra, 2 (Santa Cruz)
web: www.dq-sevilla.com
4 week Spanish Course: 667 €

Spanish language only school located in the Santa Cruz neighborhood. They offer Intensive, Super intensive, Spanish for Life (long-term), Private (One-to-one), and DELE prep Spanish classes. There is also a Spanish teacher prep class. Don Quijote is part of a large chain of schools which spans much of Europe and Latin America.


Giralda Center Spanish Hou

Address: Calle Mateos Gago, 17 (Santa Cruz)
web: learn more at www.giraldacenter.com
4 week Spanish Course: 465 €

One of the oldest language schools in Seville, Giralda Center offers Standard, Intensive, Business, DELE prep, Private (One-to-one) and Special group courses. They also offer Spanish Teacher prep, English, French, Italian and German courses. Giralda Center is independently owned and operated.

Giralda Center is well located in the barrio Santa Cruz and has taught Spanish to over 10,000 students since the early 1980's. The facilities are located in a renovated Sevillian house, placing students at the foot of the Cathedral, Alcazar and other important monuments.



Address: Calle General Polavieja, 13 (Shopping district)
web: learn more at www.linc.es
4 week Spanish Course: 450 €

Linc is located in the shopping district (center) of Seville. They offer Intensive, Small Group, Business, Medical, Tourism (Spanish language), Private (One-to-one) and DELE prep Spanish courses. Linc is independently owned and operated.

Linc is a new, smaller school which has very modern facilities located between the two principal shopping streets of Sierpes and Tetuan. Students are only a few minutes walk from barrio Santa Cruz, the Cathedral and the Alcazar.



CLIC International House

Address: Calle Albareda, 19 (Shopping district)
web: www.clic.es
4 week Spanish Course: 520 €

CLIC is the largest school in Seville located in the commercial district (center). They offer Intensive, Super intensive, Business, Private (One-to-one), Grammar and Hispanic studies Spanish classes. They offer DELE prep, CELTA certification for those wishing to teach English, as well as English French and German classes. CLIC is part of the International House network of language schools.


OC Languages

Address: Calle Regina 24-26 (Center / Feria)
web: www.oc-languages.com
4 week Spanish Course: 285 €

New, small Spanish language school located at the beginning of the Calle Feria. Offers General, Intensive, Business, and DELE prep classes. While they have a smaller building and may not offer all of the amenities the larger schools have, they do offer some of the lowest prices for classes.
This is an independently owned and operated school.



Address: Calle García de Vinuesa, 29 (Arenal)
web: www.iele.com
4 week Spanish Course: 440 €

Spanish language only school located in the Arenal neighborhood. IELE (Instituto de Estudios de la lengua Español), offers General, Intensive, Business, DELE prep, Conversation & Grammar, Private (One-to-one) and Culture & Civilisation Spanish classes. They also have Spanish teacher prep, classes for young and senior students as well as flamenco / Spanish combination classes.
IELE is an independently owned and operated school.


Instituto de Idiomas (Universidad de Sevilla)

Address: Avda. Reina Mercedes s/n
web: www.us.es/idi

Through the Univeristy of Seville. offers of three levels of Spanish classes, DELE prep. There are several other lanugauge classes available such as French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Arabic, Japanese, and Russian. The classes are held in various campus buildings in and around the city of Seville.



Mester Academia

Address: Calle Galera
web: www.mester.com
4 week Spanish Course: 462 €

Spanish language only school which offers Intensive, Super intensive, Reduced Group, Business, Private (One-to-one), DELE Prep Spanish courses. Mester also offers Spanish teacher prep, Culture & Civilisation, Translation and other specialty courses. Mester is part of a chain of schools with branches throughout Spain.


San Fernando

Address: Avenida de Málaga, 4
Web: www.san-fernando.com
4 week Spanish Course: 462€

Spanish language only school located close to Puerta Carmona. They specialize in High School and University programs but also offer Spanish classes for individual students. They have schools in Seville, Toledo and Cadiz. The current location is being renovated for apartments and I have no idea where or if this school is still in Seville.


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