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Sevilla has a good selection movie theatres both in the center and a little further out. You'll find anything from the newest multiplex style theatres with DTX to older ones where you'll get a smaller screen and normal sound. Thanks to the many years of Franco, when by law all foreign films were dubbed instead of subtitled, there is a healthy crop of new movies and voice actors in Spain. Most major foreign actors have their voice "counter-part" so there is always the same voice. Sometimes that makes the actors better as is the case with Sylvester Stallone who doesn't sound quite so dumb in Spain. There are also two versión original (V.O.) theatres in Sevilla where you can watch movies in English or their original language with subtitles in Spanish.

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In most theatres Wednesday and Thursday nights offer discounted tickets. Wednesday is the día de espectador, or spectator's day while Thursday is the día de pareja or couple's day, when all movies cost less provided you buy two tickets. As well, matinees (sesión matinal) and midnight showings (sesión golfa) have the same discount. Otherwise you'll generally pay about 5 - 6 € per show.

Candy, drinks, and popcorn

For candy and drinks there is no idiotic rule as in the states where you cannot bring outside (from another store) drinks or candy ito the theatre. Just make sure your drink is not in a can or glass bottle. While inside the theatre drinks and candy are more expensive. Almost every location has a store, or chucheria, nearby or just outside the theatre where you can purchase all those goodies for less. The chucheria works by weight - simply go in, grab a plastic bag and a scoop and fill the bag up with whatever you want. Then head to one of the cashiers where they'll weigh it for you and let you know what the damage is.


Many theatres have assigned seating where you can select the row and seat you like best. Aisle and upper seats are generally picked first, and finding your number in the dark can be a challenge. For both reasons you may want to buy your tickets early and get in the theatre before the lights go out. Some shows have no assigned seating and thus you may want to get in line by the door if it's a popular movie.

ABC SevillaYou can find show times and movie listings for every theatre in the cartelera. It exists in many forms: in local newspapers, online, using teletexto and at almost every theatre where they also post listings for other theatre locations. If you know the film you want to see and just want times and theatres then Diario de Sevilla is the best online alternative. It's simple and quick. If you want to choose your movie and buy tickets online then the site for the newspaper ABC Sevilla is your best bet. You can choose the movie and see what theatres it's playing in or you can select the theatre and see what movies are playing in that location. They have trailers for each movie which helps if you want to know a little more. And they normally list the original title in English if the Spanish title has you confused. If the theatre location accepts online ticket purchases then el ABC offers a link to the web page to make your purchase.

The best theatres by far are those in Nervión Plaza which are part of the mall next to the Sevilla F.C.'s Sanchez Pizjuan stadium. It's a multiplex with 20 screens of various sizes, stadium style seating and all the high-end audio you could want. There are two ticket windows and two sections for the theatres - screen numbers 1-15 and another entrance with screen numbers 16-20. A chucheria is on site for candy and there are a number of restaurants and bars both beside the theatre and below in the mall. Other theatres within walking distance from the city center, including some of the services and amenities:

Alameda Multicines
Address: Alameda - Calle Alameda de Hércules , 9
telephone: 954 91 57 62
# of Screens: 4

Online Ticket Sales: cinentradas.com
Description: On the edge of the Alameda a smaller theatre that's convenient to the center, about 4 blocks from El Corte Inglés in Plaza del Duque. Screens and rooms are smaller, sound is decent, but the years are chipping away at the quality of this theatre.

Address: Alameda - Calle Amor de Dios, 33
telephone: 954 91 56 81
# of Screens: 1
Online Ticket Sales: cinentradas.com
Description: One screen but it's a big one and just a few blocks from Alameda Multicines. In a renovated theatre (as in theatrical plays) it's roomy but without the stadium-style seating. For an unusual setting it's kind of fun. Also convenient to the center.

Cines Nervión Plaza
Address: Nervión - Avenida Luis de Morales (Nervión Plaza - Mall)
telephone: 954 42 61 93, 954 53 93 49
# of Screens: 20
Online Ticket Sales: cinentradas.com
Description: It's a multiplex with 20 screens of various sizes, stadium-style seating and all the high-end audio you could want. There are two ticket windows and two sections for the theatres - screen numbers 1-15 and another entrance with screen numbers 16-20. A chucheria is on site for candy and there are a number of restaurants and bars both beside the theatre and below in the mall. Less convenient to the center but not a long walk. The best theatre in Seville.

Warner Lusomundo
Address: Plaza de Armas - Mall
telephone: 902 23 33 43
# of Screens: 5

Online Ticket Sales: Serviticket
Description: Newer theatre upstairs in Plaza de Armas. Smaller screens but high-end sound, convenient to the center.


If you're an English speaker you're in luck. More often than not the V.O. theatres show movies from the States and the UK in their original languages with subtitles. While it's not uncommon to see films in other languages at the theatres below (there is always one or two) English still dominates the V.O. theatres, especially Avenida 5 Cines.

Avenida 5 Cines
Address: Plaza de Armas - Avenida Marqués de Paradas, 15
telephone: 954 29 30 25

# of Screens: 5
Online Ticket Sales: cinentradas.com
Description: The best for V.O. movies with larger screens than Corona Center and convenient to the center. If you don't like what's showing and don't mind a movie in Spanish then Warner Lusomundo is just a block away.

Cines Corona Center
Address: Triana - c/Pages del Correo - Corona Center
telephone: 954 27 80 64
# of Screens: 2

Online Ticket Sales: cinentradas.com
Description: A fairly old theatre in Triana hidden in the Corona Center. Small screens and low-end technology but some different, independent films in their original languages.


All theatres in Sevilla, with the exception of El Mirador, have some form of online ticket sales. The most common is Cinentradas.com. After making a purchase you go to the theatre and look for a little machine where you enter your same credit card for verification and your tickets are printed out. If you have problems go to the ticket booth with your credit card. For Warner Lusomundo you can use Serviticket and purchase online, from any La Caixa ATM, or from any WAP enabled mobile phone. You can pick up your tickets at the theatre or the ATM after purchasing online or via mobile phone. Finally BBVA Tickets is known as Ticktackticket.com, but does not work with theatres in Sevilla. They do offer tickets for other theatres as well as other events, as does Serviticket.

If you are fortunate enough to have a good TV and a VCR or DVD player you can rent movies at several locations in Sevilla. All of the Blockbusters in town have closed and moved on. In fact they may be out of Spain all together. Video Drugstore seems to be a competitor and their prices are reasonable - you can rent two older DVDs (ie: not new releases) for about 2€ and keep them for two days. A new release costs around 2,75€ and you have one night to watch it. Prices rise depending on it being a holiday or weekend. There are smaller stores around the center and throughout various neighborhoods as well, but the selection tends to be fairly limited. When signing up for a membership be prepared for most places to ask for not only ID, but also some type of proof of where you live. This could be a lease with your name on it, or one to two bills from a utility to show you've been in the same place for a while. DVDs have the advantage of the extras, but also the original version language tracks which make it nice if you miss hearing Dustin Hoffman's real voice. Some DVDs will not have the same bonus materials you will get at home. That's not always the case but I've noticed some missing bonus material a few times. The Video Drugstore location which was convenient to the center closed ayear and a half ago. There are now some smaller, indiependtly owend places to rent DVDs in the center, but the choice is fairly poor.

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Video Drugstore locations:
web: videodrugstore.com
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