Finding Health Insurance in Spain

When I quit my job in the U.S. to move to Spain, I wanted to live la vida loca and not pay for health insurance. The company that I worked for offered Cobra coverage, but for around $350 per month, which I did not want to pay. However my mother told me “if you get cancer they´ll take our house” and guilt tripped me into making the outrageous Cobra payments. Luckily, I haven´t gotten sick here, so I haven´t needed to go to the ER, the only coverage that my Cobra provides. Tired of spending more on unused health care than on rent, I decided to look into Spanish healthcare providers.

I chose Sanitas, because it costs about 55€ per month, has a huge network of doctors in Spain, and provides 100% emergency coverage outside of Spain. The plan I chose is called the SANITAS MULTI. It gives me access to a network of 20,000 primary care doctors and specialists in Spain, assures a private room if I am hospitalized, and covers basic dental care. With this plan I don´t have to deal with sending in reimbursement forms or paying for anything upfront – instead they just give you a swipe card to use at office visits. They also have a version of this plan designed specifically for foreigners, which links you to their network of English-speaking doctors throughout Andalucia and the Costa del Sol. If you might have a hard time explaining what hurts in Spanish, its probably worth the slight extra cost. Check out the different levels of coverage at their website, available in various languages. To apply, I just filled out a few simple health forms on the website. You do need a bank account to open a policy since Sanitas draws the payments straight from your account, so make sure to get that done first. Their customer service via email is excellent - they have answered every email I have sent them within 24 hours. And, if you would rather talk with an agent in person, they have an office on Avenida San Franciso Javier, near Nervión Plaza.

Laura Cohen lived in Sevilla for a year.

Links to Medical Insurance Providers in Spain

The following companies provide insurance that will cover you both in Spain and likely your home country, depending on where your from. Plans differ and provider networks in and away from Spain should be checked. In almost all cases (when living in Spain) these insurance plans will be cheaper than ones in the U.S. and offer better coverage for your basic needs here.


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