INSIDER'S GUIDE: Nightlife in Sevilla by barrio

If you find yourself in a particular part of town for your stay, or if you want something a little different from your ordinary haunts you've come to the right place.

If you'd like to see some specific recommendations on places check out the nightlife page, where you'll find some reviews. Otherwise take a look at what's going on in Sevilla's best nightlife neighborhoods below.

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Another place you're likely to find some nightlife is the section next to the Cathedral and leading up Calle Argote de Molina. You can start at Flaherty's Irish Pub for a true international experience and to mingle with people from all over the world. Drink specials, student nights and all kinds of beer on tap and a number of bars make Flaherty's a popular watering hole for travelers. Just up from Flaherty's on c/Argote de Molina you'll run into a lively little scene in La Subasta as well as Antiguedades, which is filled with interesting art, including macabre masks and dolls hanging from the walls and ceilings, making it a good stop for Halloween. Just up the street you'll find L'Image, an Irish bar that isn't and Irish bar but offers 3€ mixed drinks and is often filled on the weekends. On a side street, Calle Placentines, enjoy Tex Mex food, Budweiser and plenty of televisions to take in an NFL game or soccer match at the Texas Lone Star Saloon. They offer specials such as 10€ all you can drink Cruzcampo (beer) two nights a week, plus the Oscars, Friends and other programs in English, catering to the American crowd. If you head towards the Puerta de la Carne and then make a left ask around for La Carboneria, one of the most famous bars in Sevilla for it's nightlife, flamenco and local artists. Literally where you used to buy coal to keep those stoves going back in the days, it's now a great place for summer or winter nightlife where you can take your choice of bars in the rustic looking front or the larger patio in the back.


Between the Cathedral, Plaza Nueva and the shopping district towards the river is Arenal, Reyes Catolicos and the Plaza de Armas. You'll find lots of action starting on Calle Zaragoza behind Plaza Nueva with El Bestiario, a bar de copas and discoteca. Just down Zaragoza heading towards the Cathedral is Cerveceria Internacional offering some 300 beers from around the world. Between Calle Zaragoza and the Plaza de Toros check out Calles Adriano and Pastor y Landero where you'll find a Scottish pub called The Clan as well as plenty of other bars down the street. Wander around Arenal a little and you're bound to encounter some nightlife. Crossing over Reyes Catolicos, the main drag that leads to the Triana bridge you'll find Marques de Paradas and some fun places like Bauhaus, which offers copas and a DJ. Across the street is Nu Yor, a nice place where you can sip mojitos and other exotic drinks while listening to live Cuban music every weekend. They also have flamenco nights and a VIP room upstairs. Somewhere around here you'll find Guadi, a disco in a Gaudi inspired tiled interior. Just down the street to your right is Merchant's Malt House, a two story English pub with some different beer at the two bars and some cozy couches upstairs. In the Plaza de Armas Centro de Comercio (Mall) you'll find La Fabrica, Sevilla's only brew pub.

If there's one place that's always going, even on a Monday night, it's the Alfalfa are on a street called Pérez Galdós. Here you will find a number of bars catering to night owls offering everything from shots, to beer and some exotic mixed drinks. Sopa de Ganso (mixed drinks and music), La Rebotica (cheap shots, shots and more shots), Berlin (mixed drinks, brick interior and often rock music playing), Cabo Loco bar (some interesting and exotic mixed drinks) are just a few. At the end of Pérez Galdós you'll find c/Ortiz de Zuniga and Bar El Cubanito as well as the Mini-Bar. A few blocks from Pérez Galdós is c/Siete Revueltos where you'll find El Mundo with a front and back bar offering a darker and more alternative atmosphere. Heading in the opposite direction of Pérez Galdós in Plaza Alfalfa you'll find a few other hotspots. In the Plaza de Jesus de la Pasion and Calle Cuesta del Rosario look for Bar Cuesta which offers mixed drinks and has a DJ. Just next door is Catedral, a smaller disco if you want to dance a little. Down Cuesta del Rosario you'll find Plaza Salvador with two bars that cater to the beer drinking crowd earlier in the evening. La Antigua Bodeguita and Los Soportales were just renovated and gives you kind of two bars in one - take your choice for where you want to order. Both offer up tapas, some of the best olives around and of course cold beer. These are also popular spots on weekend afternoons where the crowds spill out into the plaza.


From Calle Amor de Dios to the plaza itself the Alameda is probably the heart of Sevilla's alternative scene, however don't let that fool you as you'll find a good mix of people from pijo to earthy. From places with live music to copas and cheap beer you'll find a little of everything. There's also always a lively scene in the dirt plaza itself, including people enjoying the botellon scene to the occasional live band on warmer nights. Alameda is also the center of the gay scene in Sevilla. While there are a few bars for men only, many of what they call "gay bars" in Sevilla really offer a mix of people and everyone is welcome. Fun Club is a great place to take in a live show and has a lively alternative scene, while La Habanilla is know for it's crowd of local artists and performers. Both La Buena Estrella and Naima offer you plenty of jazz to soak in. Like Calle Betis once you get there you'll have no trouble finding a bar where there's something going on.

My favorite stomping ground offers some great nightlife options. Although not technically Santa Catalina, I'll start with Cafe Lisboa, where you can take in anything from a solo folk act to a night of blues or rock by a local band. Making your way down to Iglesia Santa Catalina you may find the best place to start your evening out at El Tremendo, a hole in the wall cerveceria where you can order some of the best, coldest, and cheapest beer in town. People spill out into the streets at tables (no chairs) with their beer and munch on peanuts, mojama, and chips while catching a glimpse of Curro, the neighborhood dog who is there every day. Next door there's another cerveceria that gets part of the action, as well as an Irish pub, La Taberna Irlandesa, offering some different beers. Just around the corner in Plaza de los Terceros you'll find El Rinconcillo, Sevilla's oldest bar and a place you must stop by when visiting. They offer cheap beer and good tapas in a great atmosphere that will take you back at least a hundred years. On Calle Gerona is Zona Franca, a new cultural association that's also a bar de copas where young artists display their art upstairs in 4 salons which change each month. Downstairs there's a bar and small dance floor where electronica is often the music of choice. Down from Plaza de los Terceros are two bares de copas - El Perro Andaluz where you can catch live music on almost any night, and La Cara B, a mellow joint for a mixed drink owned by a former local musician.


Maybe the most famous scene, especially during the summer. But don't let that keep you from making a trip in the colder months when the bars are quite lively as well. Start at one end and make your way down to the other to experience everything you can. At bars like Lo Nuestro you can take in a little flamenco, while at Fundicion get your fill of Americans and other foreigners, sometimes mingling with Spaniards. Alambique is often packed for copas, while Boss is the discoteca of choice on this side of the water. A few places offer Agua de Sevilla, which is quite a drink (served in pitchers) if you're up for four kinds of liquor, champagne, pineapple juice and whipped cream. There's almost a bar every 20 feet, so keep making your way down the street until you've had your fill. There is always some weekend action just a few blocks from Calle Betis, including Burbujas, which offers champagne drinks served in little pitchers (see how far you can get the pitcher from your mouth while still drinking), La Taberna with great improvised flamenco shows and some teterias where you can sip mint tea in a middle-eastern atmosphere. Pub Madigan's in the Plaza de Cuba is also a popular Irish pub.


Getting a little further out of the center there's some great nightlife heading out to Nervión. Leaving the Puerta Carmona and heading out Luis Montoto on the first block you'll find a little "metal bar" with a Carlsberg beer sign out front, the perfect place to dress in black and mix with the crowd which spills out onto the street. Just around the corner on La Florida is Metropol, part discoteca part bar de copas which stays open very late - expect bouncers at the door "screening" clientele. Metropol also features live music on Thursdays. Heading further down Luis Montoto a few more blocks and you'll run into Bar Jota, another famous small cerveceria where the beer is cold and the people spill into the streets. Behind Bar Jota on parallel streets are a number of late-night discotecas including Luisiana, Garufa and El Sitio, where there's always a line after midnight. In the plaza next to Luisiana there's also a lively botellon scene - one of the older crowds enjoying a botellon that I've seen.

Viapol during the day is a business and commercial center. At night the bars open up, making it a popular spot for nightlife. If you're in the mood for a little Irish atmosphere O'Neill's Irish Pub is a good place to start. A large church organ stands as the centerpiece downstairs. Wall Street is another place frequented by the university crowd, and offers a student fiesta de intercambio, or Exchange Party as they like to say on Thursday nights starting at 11pm. Here international and Spanish students can mingle while enjoying drinks and music. Marbella, serving tapas and more during the day, is also part of the regular nightlife in Viapol. At night the bar opens up where you can order a copa and of course, dance. Or check out Sunflower below for a lively atmosphere. Voulez-Bar is another great place in Viapol to get together for a drink with friends and at times catch some live music.

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