85 things to do in and around Sevilla

  1. Take a horse carriage ride.  While it doesn't come cheap - maybe around 40 Euros - taking a horse drawn carriage ride is certainly romantic. Favorite routes include around the Cathedral and out to the Parque Maria Luisa where you can visit the Plaza de España. If you don't have the money to ride you can take a photo in one - just remember to tip the driver a little something for their trouble!

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  1. PhotoFind the two parts of the old Roman aqueduct along calle Luis Montoto - One of these has recently undergone a rebuilding or renovation, while the first part you'll find is located in a traffic island collecting plenty of pollution! And there is actually a third part, although much further out somewhere along the same road.

  2. PhotoWhile you are out walking down calle Luis Montoto find the Cruz del Campo, marking what was the original site of the Feria de Abril. The original version was a cattle fair which grew and grew in popularity, but was before all of the tents, dancing, eating and drinking! The Cruz del Campo also marks the proximity to the old Cruzcampo brewery and home of the tastiest brew in the world. The fabrica ("factory") was recently moved to a new facility.

  3. PhotoTake a short flamenco dance class at the Museum of Flamenco Dance (Museo del Baile Flamenco). The museum holds weekday thirty minute classes for beginners. The classes are held in the museum's professional dance studio, although you shouldn't plan on leaving a professional dancer. You can even get a discount if you combine the class with a flamenco show or a visit to the museum.

  4. PhotoWatch the cooks in the kitchen at ConTenedor.  This fusion French-Spanish restaurant on Calle San Luis is great when you are looking for something a little different. My favorite part is how you can watch all the activity in the kitchen thanks to the open floor plan. And did I mention the food is amazing? And there is a nice view of the Iglesia San Luis de los Franceses.

  5. PhotoFind the original tram car.  While there is a new tram in Seville which costs millions of euros, did you know for many years there was a great tram system in the city? It was done away with in the middle of the 19th century, but you can still find one of the original cars from the tram system in the Plaza de Armas bus statio, right in the middle of the bus platform. And you can climb aborad to see it up close, even if it won't take you anywhere!

  6. PhotoSet your watch to the correct time at Enrique Sanchis.  It would be hard to miss this storefront on calle Sierpes, which is a work of art. The watch and clock store has been on Calle Sierpes for close to a hundred years and inside you'll find a wide variety of watches as well as some rare ones they have collected over the years.

  7. PhotoRent a row boat in the Plaza de Espana.  After several years of renovations the Plaza de Espana is close to being finished. Part of the return to it's original state included filling the moat around the plaza with water once again. Lines on the weekends can be long to rent a boat, and while there's not much distance you can cover but it's still a nice way to see the Plaza.

  8. PhotoTake part in an olive oil tatsing.  We all know Spanish olive oil is the best in thw world, and that half of Italian olive oil is just Spanish which is trucked into Italy and "bottled" there. So no arguments! You can see why Spanish olive oil is the best with a tasting in Extraverde, a store and bar in the Plaza Doña Elvira (Santa Cruz) dedicated to extra virgin olive oil!



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