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Keep in mind flamenco is a genre, with many variations and types, some subtle and some very different. "New flamenco", "flamenco-fusion", and "flamenco-rock" are just a few of the contemporary sub-genres, and show how world and pop music have blended their way into a traditional genre. The variations of the traditional styles are the result of regional influences and at times folk dance. The more contemporary sub-genres aside, there exist many types of traditional flamenco which I ave listed below. The last style on the list, Zambra, is quite popular in the cuevas (caves) in the Sacromonte neighborhood of Granada.

Caña y Polo

It could take a while to describe all of these, and while I enjoy flamenco I would do you and everyone else a great disservice should I try to explain all of these in technical terms. I will mention that Zambra is typically a family affair. So I send you to this section on esflamenco.com, where you can read more. Pay special attention to the list like mine above, but with links to explanations of each which covers the specifics of dancing, music, and timing.

The prices are never cheap for enjoying flamenco. While some people and guide books comment on these as tourist traps there is plenty to enjoy - for a price. Some of the venues offer dinner and a show, while other packages include a dinner in one location and the show in another. Some differences from the shows in Seville: 1) Several venues are caves (cuevas) which is perhaps a more interesting setting. 2) The Zambra style of the flamenco is typical in the caves, which is often performed by several members of the same family. 3) Transport as well as a short tour of the Albaicin are common options for ticket packages.

Los Tarantos
Camino del Sacromonte, 9
Tel: (+34) 958 224 525
Web: www.cuevaslostarantos.com
Typical ticket packages include dinner next to the Plaza de Toros, a walk through the Albaicin and then the show with a drink.

Tablao Flamenco Albaicín
Ctra. Murcia s/n. Mirador San Cristóbal
Tel éfono: (+34) 958 804 646
Web: www.flamencoalbayzin.com
Located at the top of the Albaicin close to the Mirador de San Cristobal, the setting is a traditonal tablao in contrast to the caves in Sacromonte, and similar to many of the venues in Seville.
The show with drink also includes a short tour of the surrounding neighborhood.

Sala Vimaambi
Cuesta de San Gregorio, 30
Tel: (+34) 958 22 73 34
Web: www.vimaambi.com
Sala Vimaambi was founder in the early 1990's by a group of artists and musicians, offering exhibition space and workshops. There are also weekend flamenco performances (with the option of course of a tour of the Albaicin) with different performers. The space always features changing local and national art exhibits, making this a different style of venue to take in a flamenco show.

Venta El Gallo
Barranco de los Negros, 5. Sacromonte
Tel: (+34) 958 222 492
Web: www.ventaelgallo.com
Venta el Gallo also offers a similar show as the Cueva de Maria La Canastera and La Cueva el Rocio, although in a larger venue and with the option of dinner. As with the other venues in Sacromonte, ticket packages include transport, tour of the Albaicin and the show with drink (or dinner).

Cueva de María la Canastera
Camino del Sacromonte 89
Tel: (+34) 958 121 183
Another of the most popular venues in Sacromonte is La Cueva de Maria la Canastera. Much like Cueva La Rocio there are plenty of famous guests whose photos are displayed prominently on the walls. Ticket packages are similar, including transport, a tour of the Albaicin and the show with drink.

Cueva La Rocío
Camino del Sacromonte, 70
Tel: (+34) 958 227 129
Perhaps the most well known, La Rocio can boast a long list of famous visitors. The seating and show arrangement gives everyone a good seat in what is a an excellent performance. Ticket packages include transport from the hotel, a tour of the Albaicin and the show with a drink. Or you can skip the tour and opt for the show and drink only.


Avenida Doctor Olóriz, 2
Tel: (34) 958 092 224
Web: bailomanos.com

Carmen de las Cuevas

Cuesta de los Chinos 15
Tel: 958 221 062
Web: carmencuevas.com

Enrique el Canastero

Víctor Manuel Maldonado 34
Tel: 958 121 183

Escuela de Danza Mónica Gómez

Calle Arabial, 18
Tel: 958 251 359
Web: monicagomez.es

Escuela de Danza Española Maite Galán

Urbanización Parque Luz. Edificio Mercurio, bajo
Tel: 958 294 609

Escuela Flamenca Mariquilla

Santa Clotilde 14
Tel: 958 292 310

Escuela Superior de Arte Flamenco

Palencia 35. Urb. los Nidos. Bloque, 4, Bajo
Tel: (34) 958 084 138
Web: escuelaflamenco.com

Fátima Durán

Urbanización Las Flores bloque 10,
Tel: 958 251 359

Guitarrería Gil de Avalle

Plaza del Realejo, 15
Tel: (34) 958 221 610
Web: granadaguitar.com


Camino de Ronda, 101
Tel: 958 200 063


Flamenco and Zambra Museum
María "La Canastera"
Sacromonte Granada Spain

Tel: 958 121 183
Mobile: 666 647 895
Fax: 958 084 332
Camino de Sacromonte, 89


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