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I would like to think I take a travelers perspective when listing accommodations. I try to focus first on a good central location where you can easily walk to the city center and most of the monuments. Remember in Granada that saying close to the Alhambra means you will not be in a convenient location to see the rest of the cities monuments and neighborhoods. Within the criteria of location, I try to offer a selection of places which are pleasant and offer good service. Also I try to cover a range of prices even within hostals, which can vary considerably. Finally, I make a few selections which are little further from the sights (still fairly central) but are worth it for the accommodation itself.

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Below is a list of feature hostals in Granada. You will find a separate page within exploregranada.com with photos and more details, and links ot make a booking.

Below is simple list of more hostals in Granada. For more information and booking you can follow the links on each establishment.

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