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Above you will find a google map, which for now just has one marker! This is more or less the city center as it relates to the main shopping district and tourist sights. Soon I will be adding more points of interest. Below are links to maps in PDF format. I have also included a small selection of maps for some other cities.

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City Map of Granada

(575 KB)
For now this sad little PDF map is all I am offering. I have a google map in the works, which should be ready in a month or so (I am writing this in September 2008).

Seville city map - center and monuments

I recommend this map because it contains all of the monuments and covers all of the city center plus Triana and Los Remedios. This is part of the larger tourist brochure which can be found below.

Seville City Bus Route map

Thanks for Paul who pieced together this map from the many mini maps of Tussam. Here you will find all of the bus routes and stops in the center as well as outlying neighborhoods.

Centro, Macarena, La Cartuja

(223 KB)
Older map which is broken into quadrants, and thus the names above to indicate which neighborhood they cover.

Santa Cruz, Arenal, San Bernardo, Triana, Los Remedios, El Porvenir

(477 KB)
Older map which is broken into quadrants, and thus the names above to indicate which neighborhood they cover.

Map of Seville Province

(591KB )
If you want to find all of the smaller towns and where they lie in relation to the city, then this province of Seville map is a good starting point.

City Map of Seville Highways and Main Roads

(299 KB)
Good for finding the entrance and ring (loop) roads in and around Seville. This gives you a general idea of how to get into and out of Seville depending on your destination or where you are coming from.

Official Tourism brochure with map

(1,988 KB)
The whole tourist offering for Seville with history, walking routes and monuments. A few of the maps above come courtesy of this brochure. I choose to split them up in case you wanted everything or just the useful maps.

City Map of Córdoba

(531 KB)

City Map of Jerez

(322 KB)

City map of Madrid N: Quevedo S: EstSur Autobuses E: Retiro W: Palacio Real

(309 KB)

City map of Madrid N: Ventas S: Vallecas E: M-30 W: Retiro

(483 KB)

City map of Madrid N: Chamartín S: Av America E: Parque Berlin W: 4 Caminos

(109 KB)

City map of Madrid N: Noviciado S: Embajadores E: Cibeles W: Opera

(75 KB)

City Map of Madrid Highways and Main Roads

(701 KB)

City Map

(307 KB)





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