'A guide for foreigners who want
to live like Sevillanos




Table of Contents & Excerpts


Table of Contents:

Useful Services
Current Information on Seville
Cultural Centres
Activities in Your Neighborhood
Sports in Downtown Seville

Cultural Movement in Seville
A Brief History of Seville
Seeing the Sights For Free
Sightseeing Tours
Guided Tours
Myths and Legends
Seville’s Big Fiestas
Live Music
A Literary Adventure
The World of Movies

Stay in Seville
Means of Transport
Staying in Touch

Enjoy yourself in Sevilla
Eating Out
Coffee and Drink
Tea and Music
Watching Sports in the Bars
Places of Bad Reputation
The Gay Scene
Relax your Body and Soul

Day to Day Living in Sevilla
The University of Seville
Leanring Spanish
Going to High-School
Finding Work in Seville

Jerez de la Frontera
Travel Advice




Some excerpts from SevillaInside:


Cultural activities in your neighborhood:
"The Centros Civicos also organize and host classes, expositions, conferences, meetings, and performances of all types – sometimes they host dances and parties as well. There are almost always photography or painting exhibits on display, and in some centres there are theatres and libraries at your disposal. The Civic Centres provide an ideal way to participate in cultural activities and, above all, get to know the people that live in your neighbourhood.


Sports in Sevilla
"Aside from a number of private sports clubs, the Ayuntamiento (Town Hall) de Sevilla and its 86 sport centres offer a range of different activities at affordable prices to anyone interested. Some are very large and are equipped with running tracks, weight rooms, pools and saunas, while others are more specialised, offering only sailing or rowing for example. To get information about the various sports centres open for your enjoyment, you can contact your district’s sports office directly, or go to the Ayuntamiento's sports page"

(Other topics in the book include rowing and kayaking, swimming, football (soccer), jogging, hiking, roller-blading, skating and more...)


Seeing the sights for free
"When visiting the museums and historic buildings of Sevilla, remember that many museums, such as the Archaeological Museum, The Museum of Art and Popular Traditions and the Museum of Fine Arts always have free entry for members of the European Union. Many historic buildings and museums offer free entry on a selected day of the week. Some of these are free for everyone, and others are only available to European or Spanish citizens. Many sites offer a discounted rate for students. Also note that the opening hours sometimes change during the different seasons."

Myths and Legends
Cabeza del Rey Don Pedro
"Various legends tell of the swordsmanship of King Don Pedro, known as The Just to some and The Cruel to others. While there exist many legends about this monarch, the most famous is that, one day, in the early hours of the morning, he was recognised by an old lady as he fought a duel and killed an important nobleman. The murdered man’s family demanded justice and the king promised that he would place the head of the murderer on the site of the crime. The following day he presented the bailiff with a wooden box containing the head of the murderer which was dutifully placed in a cage on Calle Candilejo. Once the king had died, the authorities decided to open the box to check the contents and were surprised to find a bust of the dead monarch inside which can be seen on the corner of Calle Cabeza del Rey Don Pedro."

Where to See A Flamenco Show
"There are as many different forms of flamenco as there are places to see it in Seville and each one has its own atmosphere. Las Peñas are associations of people interested in Flamenco. They normally have a bar where members meet to discuss flamenco, to sing, to dance and to play the guitar or to watch a performance. Some are more formal and only admit members while others have a mixture of regulars and visitors. Some are only open on the weekends with performances on Friday and Saturday nights that are economically priced. Sometimes performances are spontaneous and original, sometimes there is only guitar and singing and sometimes dancing as well."



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