'A guide for foreigners who want
to live like Sevillanos




a guide to student life in Sevilla written by Kathrin Harms


SevillaInside is a unique guidebook written by former Erasmus student Kathrin Harms both during and after her studies in Sevilla. What makes the book different from so many travel guide books is it's point of view of the exchange student. Whether from Europe, the United States or another country this book will help with all the little questions you have once arriving and througout your time in Sevilla. Kathrin spent more than a year investigating everything from art studios and cultural centers, restaurants, cyber cafes, sports facilities to museums, transportation, nightlife, excursions and basic, but very helpful information. There is also a bit og history and cultural background for Sevilla that you won't find elsewhere.


SevillaInside offers you the opportunity to explore the real Sevilla, one that many students and visitors never discover. The books is immensely helpful for those students looking to truly immerse themselves in the culture. Written in English and Spanish, SevillaInside has you learning the words you need to know from the very first page. It's the guide book every student can use to unlock the secrets of the city and begin making a life in Seville.



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