Spanish to English Food Dictionary for Seville and Spain

caballa mackerel
cabrillas larger snails
cacahuete peanuts
cafe americano coffee - basically watered down coffee, similar to the US
cafe con leche coffee with milk
cafe cortado coffee with less milk
cafe solo coffee - espresso without milk
calabacín squash
calabaza pumpkin
calamares squid
callos tripe
camarónes shrimp - very small
caña de lomo cured pork, similar to chorizo
cangrejo crab
caracoles snails
caramelos candy
carne meat
castañas chestnuts. During winter often roasted and sold by street vendors
cazon dogfish or shark
cebolla onion
cebolleta onion - smaller
centollo crab, spider crab…
cerdo pork
cereza cherry
cerveza beer
chacina cold cuts or sliced meats (see fiambre)
champiñones mushrooms
chicharro pork cracklings or rind
chicharrones fried pork rind, or cracklings
chipirones squid - smaller, common dish is chipirones a la plancha (grilled squid)
chirimoya chirimoya
chorizo cured (typically) pork sausage served in most of Spain.
chorizo criollo creole sausage typical of Galicia and Asturias regions, cooked.
chuleta chop, as in pork chop
churros beignets - deep fried dough sometimes covered in powdered sugar. Often served with hot chocolate
cigala crayfish
cintas de lomo pork chops, boneless
ciruela plum
ciruelas pasas prunes
cochinillo pig - roast, suckling
cocido stew
coco Coconut
col cabbage
coles de bruselas brussel sprouts
coliflor cauliflower
comino cumin
coñac brandy
concha clam
conejo rabbit
consomé consommé (soup)
cordero lamb
corvinas fish, like hake
costillas ribs
crema cream
criadillas testicles
croqueta croquette - fried mass with bechamel and choice of filling like ham, tuna, chicken, spnicahe, etc.



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