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Spanish to English Food Dictionary for Seville and Spain

embutidos cured meats such as chorizo, ham, suasage
empanada pastry with meat or seafood filling
empanada de ternera pastry with veal/beef
empanada gallega pastry with tuna and tomato sauce filling
empanadilla smaller empanada
endivia endive
ensalada salad
ensalada mixta salad with tuna fish, hardboiled egg, in general salad with more ingredients.
eneldo dill
entrcot filet
escabeche spicy, pickled, as in Mejillones en escabeche (pickled canned mussels)
espadilla shoulder chop, as in lamb
espárragos asparagus
especias spices
espinacas spinach
espinacas con garbanzos spinach stewed with chick peas and paprika
estofado stew
estragon tarragon


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