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Spanish to English Food Dictionary for Seville and Spain

manchego cheese - cured sharp sheep's milk cheese served throughout Spain.
mandarina mandarin orange or tangerine
manitas de cerdo pigs feet
manteca lard
mantequilla butter
manzanas apples
manzanilla sherry
mariscos shellfish in general sense
mayonesa mayonnaise
mazapán marzipan
mejillónes mussels
melocotón peach
melón melon
membrillo quince
menudo tripe
menudencias giblets
merluza hake
mermelada jelly, jam or marmalade
mero grouper
miel honey
milanesa cutlet
mojarra bluegill (fish)
mojo picon condiment from Canary Islands but commonly used throughout spain.
mollejas sweetbread, brains
montadito sandwich - small and served hot
morcilla blood sausage
mostaza mustard
muslo thigh, as in chicken



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