Texas Lone Star Saloon, aka: Tex-Mex Bar
(Centro - c/Placentines)
Get your fill of American atmosphere the minute you walk in the door, which is within site of the Giralda. Walls are covered with college banners, assorted stuff from Texas and military memorabilia. Owned by a director of a study abroad program in Sevilla it's more of a place for beer, sports and American/Tex-Mex bar food. Fajitas, burritos and burgers are done well. Budweiser on tap, popcorn, onion rings and NFL games on Sunday make you feel at home. Also the only home of the NCAA Basketball Championship game in Sevilla - 1 day tape delay but it's worth it.

Foster's Hollywood
(Centro - Plaza de Armas - Mall - upstairs)
Foster's is a chain throughout Europe but they win the battle of authentic American restaurants in Sevilla. From the menu look and booth seating to the salt and pepper shakers on the table, waiters and food you feel like you're back in the states. A lot of Americans eating when we were there as well. They have giant hamburgers, and for the first time I've ever heard of in Sevilla, refills on Coke! Famous for their onion rings they also offer other appetizers such as fried cheese, quesadillas, bacon cheese fries, nachos and chicken wings. Fajitas, burritos and chili con carne are part of the Mexican offerings, while 4 or 5 "celebrity" salads are also on the menu, although none have names of celebrities. Your choice of 8 burgers in three sizes, plus baby back ribs, chicken sandwiches, cole slaw and more. Dessert is in many forms, like brownies, cheesecake, apple pie and of course milk shakes.

Sloppy Joe's (4 locations or more)
(Los Remedios - c/Asuncion, 62)
(c/ Periodista Ramón Resa, 2)
(Nervión - Camilo José Cela, Manzana 5, Local B5)
(Avda Ciencias, 59 Edificio Compostela B8, 6 Local)

My main complaint is that there's no location in the center! They offer pizza, burgers, fries, chicken wings and salads: American style with a Spanish touch. They also offer "sandwishes", which I believe is just a typo in their ad. Any of the burgers are great except Viejo Sloppy Joe's. I'm not sure what's in this other than hamburger, but it's a mushy mass of meat with some kind of sauce and it just ain't a burger! The rest are good. Choose from 20 some pizzas, Spanish and Mexican versions included. Some pizzas are missing tomato sauce, or they use little. But I don't know why I'm complaining because the food is really good! Chef salad with blue cheese dressing is pretty darn close to what you'd get back home. Home delivery is quick - look for the guys on the motos with the Sloppy Joe's box on the back!

La Casa de las Costillas
(Nervión - Nervión Plaza - Mall)
The only real American steak/rib restaurant around, and it doesn't get much more American than this in Sevilla. Catch a cab or go for a longish walk as this one is located in Nervión Plaza, unfortunately one of the malls in Seville next to Seville F.C. stadium (blech). At the bar they offer curiously named sandwiches for states and cities in the US that have nothing to do with the actual place. Real ribs, hamburgers and steaks just like back home. The chili burger uses a mixture of green chilis and jalapeños, is quite hot and very tasty. Western music, antique signs, peanuts at the bar, as well as a collection of old soda bottles complete the theme. It is one "American" restaurant that's got the whole theme right. Prices range from 6-15€ per plato.

Sgt. Peppers
(Los Remedios - c/Fernando IV, 34)

American food - specialties are pizza and hamburgers - in a setting fit for a Beatle. Decoration and music takes you back to the most successful times of the "legendary" rock group. Salads, french fries, a club sandwich and a few spanish tapas are other choices. Kind of reminds me of Sloppy Joe's if you take away the decoration.

Montana Grill
(Los Remedios - Vírgen de las Aguas Santas, 8)

Grilled meats, large hamburgers and more. A little on the pricey side though it comes recommended from several friends. If coming from the center plan for a long walk or catch a bus. I've just learned of this place so I'll be back with a report sometime in the next few weeks.

Sport City
(Los Remedios - Avda. Carrero Blanco, 26)

I know, it sounds like a sports bar and it kind of is, but not the kind you might be hoping for. Pictures and memorabilia celebrate some of Sevilla's greatest sports moments. Hamburgers, pizzas and steaks can be found here as well. Just don't expect the 5 big screen televisions with all the games playing at once. I've only passed by and have yet to eat here.

If you're in the mood for something quick and are looking for a few more listings check out the fast food section below.