(Santa Catalina - c/Gerona, 33)

The newest Moroccan restaurant in Sevilla, just down the street from the city's oldest bar, El Rinconcillo. Inside there's a front dining room and a small bar. Another small dining room behind the kitchen gives it about 10-15 tables. Decorated with traditional Moroccan ceramics and beautiful murals - plus in the back a fake rifle and sword! Dishes range from 8-13€ and are very well prepared. We had a tajine of lamb stewed with onions and plums - very delicious. Then a kebab "sampler" with four kebabs of chicken, lamb, beef and kefta. My god, the kefta! Sorry, but it was some of the best I've had in any of these restaurants and just thinking of it now is practically dragging me out the door and down the street to try it again. Finished it off with mint tea. They also speak some English if that helps you decide!

(Centro - c/San Roque, 13 in Plaza del Museo)

Easy to get to from the center Al-Medina is one of the better and more upscale Moroccan restaurants in Sevilla. Reasonably priced, very traditional Moroccan restaurant which includes typical dishes such as lamb, cous cous, kebabs and pastries.

(Macarena - c/Leon XIII, 8)
There specialty is Middle-eastern as opposed to Moroccan. Wonderful rice, kebabs, shawarmas, and more.

(Arenal - c/Galera, 5)
Typical Moroccan cuisine such as chicken with cous cous and a number of meat pastries. Medium price range.

( - c/Alfonso XI, 1)

One of Sevilla's best know Moroccan restaurants. Offering Moroccan cuisine and Spanish dishes with a touch of Africa. Roast lamb is a favorite and done well here. Conil fish is another specialty, prepared in a variety of ways. On the expensive side, about 30€ for two, but the food makes it worth the price. A very large selection of wines as well.

Casa Abdul
(c/Virgen de Luján, 54)

Very typical dishes you would expect to find in a Moroccan restaurant, including chicken with cous cous, pastel de mariscos (shellfish pastry), roast lamb, mint tea, pastries and more. I highly recommend the kefta, a wonderfully seasoned ground beef mixture, but I'm very partial to kefta. Decoration is something you need to see and almost took me back to my days in Morocco 10 years ago.

Ali Baba

A fast food joint but a good one. Get a taste of Lebanon as they serve up kebabs, shawermas, falafel and other middle-eastern dishes. It's a small place with maybe 5-6 tables and a counter where you can place your order.

Döner Kebab
(Torneo - c/Torneo, 3)
(Torneo - c/Avicena, 5, near Puente de la Barqueta)

Another fast-food type joint. They offer a ton of great stuff, at least in my book. Falafel, tabouli, humus (however you spell it), many kebabs, gyros, rice, pizzas and more. Desserts include baklava and other goodies. It's just like the places back home and thank whoever that they're in Sevilla. One note - while they have beer signs outside they only serve non-alcoholic beer.

Cafe Bar Jerusalem
(Triana - c/Salado)

Offering shoarmas in their many forms, this is a place for middle-eastern and kosher food. From lamb, chicken and beef plus their famous suaces. Plenty of vegetarian food to choose from as well. Calle Salado has a nice little international feel to it with a Chinese, Japanese, Israeli, and Argentinean restaurants all within a few blocks of each other.

Bagdad Cafe y Teteria
(Triana - c/Pureza 22)
Less food, more tea and pastries.