La Habanita
(Alfalfa - c/Golfo)
A large selection of vegetarian and Cuban dishes, including my favorite frijoles con arroz. Fried yucca, ropa vieja and other Cuban plates as well as Cuban drinks are worth a try. They are one of the few places to also offer vegan dishes. All vegetarian and vegan dishes are clearly marked which makes it easy to choose from. Desserts are great, too. While located just off the often rowdy street of Sopa de Ganso, they are tucked away in a little plaza which makes it a quiet little spot.

Azucar de Cuba
(Centro - Paseo de las Delicias, near the Los Remedios bridge)
Sit back and enjoy an authentic Cuban atmosphere, food and cocktails. While a little expensive you can sample house specialties plus standard Cuban dishes while listening to some great music. Daily Menus include dishes such as yuca, fried rice, and Cuban desserts. Then there's Cuban rum, exotic drinks such as daquiris, mojitos, piña coladas and cubanitos, cigars, plus some wonderful photos on the walls. Live music on some nights means the drink prices go up - an interesting concept - but worth the price for the ambience.