La Maria Bodega
(Triana - c/Betis)
Located just across the river where all the late night action happens. La Maria has been here for years, serving up savory cuts of meat, grilled to perfection.

Parilla Argentina Atahualpa
(Triana - c/Salado, 9)

Excellent grilled beef as it should be in an Argentinean restaurant.

(Triana - c/Salado, 2)

Yet another alternatvie from Argentina in Triana close to a number of other international restaurants. They have affordable menus of the day, starting over 5€ and serve up grilled meat as well as other dishes.

El Portalón
(Centro - Avda de Málaga, 6)

You'll see it's really part Spanish and part Argentinean when you first glance at the menu. Either way you won't be disappointed, but if you come here looking for the Argentinean part the grill is hot and cooking up some mouthwatering slabs of ternera, or beef.

El Refugio
(Alfalfa - c/Herbolarios)
You may have read above that ownership has changed. The new place is pretty good and they offer some vegetarian dishes along with grilled meats. They also serve up quesadillas the way you may think of them back home - not in a cazuela but between two pieces of flour tortilla. Try the parillada for a mixed grill of two types of sausage, two kinds of beef and chicken. Grilled beef by itself and beer from Argentina (can't remember the brand) are also served.