San Marco

(Centro - c/Meson del Moro, 8)
(Centro - c/Cuna)
(Centro - c/Baños)
(Triana - c/Betis 68)
(Nervión - c/Santo Domingo de la Calzada, 5)

Great Italian food, and don't believe the other Seville web sites or guide books which say 48€ for two. You can skip that 20€ bottle of wine and eat plenty for around 25€. Eat at the Meson del Moro location for the best atmosphere - set in what was formerly a 12th century Arab bath. While they offer pizza I'd recommend eating any of the other dishes first. And the salad with roquefort, endive and fresh corn is wonderful. There are several other locations, which all have a unique atmosphere. Most are in renovated 18th or 19th century houses and include period decoration. I recently strolled by the c/Baños location and it has a nice cozy feel. It's just off a side street from Plaza de la Gavidia in the center. A little secret - if you want the same menu but for a better price check out Restaurante Cereceto on c/Pérez Galdós. They are a San Marco franchise which offers more or less the same food but in a more casual atmosphere.


Pizzeros Orsini
(Reyes Catolicos - on the corner before the Triana bridge)
(Alfalfa - c/Luchana, 2)

There are now two locations, one in the Alfalfa and another near the Triana Bridge. The Alfalfa location was my favorite pizza place, but they have changed the inside a little and it's less of a pizza joint and more a restaurant. Unfortunately Let's Go "discovered" them a few years ago so it could be crowded, but it is still worth a trip. The best thing is the pizza but they offer a full range of other typical and not so typical Italian dishes. My favorites include pizza roma, pizza 5 quesos, and the moussaka.
Prices range from 5-8€.

Al Solito Posto
(Alfalfa - c/Huelva, 8)

Recently opened and with two floors it has an authentic Italian look and feel. Real Italians working in the kitchen and bar help the atmosphere as well. A small area by the bar, as well as back and upstairs dining rooms give you plenty of places to sit. Tapas, typical Italian cuisine and pizzas are offered. The food is great, but I must say from my first sampling I wouldn't recommend the bruschetta. Less of a place for tapas and more for a pizza from their wood fired overn or an authentic full Italian meal.

Pizzeria Mia Tana
(Alfalfa - c/Pérez Galdós, 24)

Comes highly recommended from my sister and cuñado. Aside from pizzas you'll find lasagna, tortellini, cannelloni, and lots of other pastas. They also have a few mexican dishes which are very tasty - try the nachos - along with other "cuisine". We recently ate here and for 14€ we had nachos, a small pizza, lasagna and two drinks.

Restaurante Cereceto
(Alfalfa - c/Pérez Galdós)
Zebra striped walls! Nice atmosphere, though, and your standard cuisine including pasta, lasagna and pizza. A secret - they are part of the San Marco chain and many of the dishes are the same. So it's a great way to get the same food in San Marco for a better price. Reasonably priced this place is empty during the week but filled with people during the weekend and late night during la marcha on Calle Pérez Galdós.

Pizzereia Napoletana Cosa Nostra
(Triana - c/Betis 51)

Offering typical Italian dishes such as pizza, lasagna, plenty of pasta dishes and a few meat and chicken plates. Prices range from 5-13€ per plate. A lot of seating means you shouldn't have a problem finding a table.

Mamma Mia
(Triana - c/Betis 33)

Another Italian place on Calle Betis offering typical dishes. Pizzas are great but you can take your pick from pasta and other specialties as well. Prices range from 6-11€ per plate.

(Arenal - c/Harinas, 13)

Great food in what looks like a store. Well, at least we thought it was a store when we first passed by. Tucked away on a side street near Plaza Nueva, bright colors and modern decoration set this apart from many of the Italian restaurants in Sevilla. The restaurant is run by a family from central Italy and they have incredible tiramisu. But it's not all dessert: the normal offerings of lasagna, pasta and of course veal scallopini are also delicious. Fine cuisine deserves a fine price, so you'll find dinners to be anywhere from 12-18€ per person.

Porta Rossa
(Arenal - c/Pastor y Landero, 20)

If you're looking for something a little different for your Italian dining try this Porta Rossa, where the cuisine comes mainly from the are around Florence. More expensive than some of the budget Italian places they make up for it with the food and dining experience.

(Centro - Plaza de Armas - Mall)

Located in the section outside the mall around the patio area with 4-5 other restaurants is Domali, specializing in homemade Italian food and various tapas. Cheese, ham and other cured meats from Italy and Spain, as well as pastries, breakfast and coffee.

(Many, many locations)

I should be ashamed to include Telepizza in this category, but they do serve pizza! About the only reason to eat Telepizza is if you want home delivery. The pizza isn't that bad, but in comparison to just about any other option it comes out on the bottom of the list. They do deliver just about anywhere and offer salads and other sandwiches along with pizza. You'll see these guys zipping around town on motos just about every night.